The Modular Modern-Methods of Construction Projects Framework Agreement

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18 Nov 2021
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United Kingdom:

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This AWARD notice follow on from the Find a Tender Contract Notice ref 2021/S 000-013910. This procurement was for a Framework between the appointed providers and the Council to supply predominately Works on an ad-hoc call-off basis as and when required for the 'Modular' construction Modern-Methods of Construction Projects. The Framework is scoped to provide the Council, or client partner (please see the original contract notice for details of partners), with traditional modular construction projects typically consisting of (but not confined to) new build works, alterations and extensions, refurbishments, mixed work, fit outs, fabric repairs, replacements and installations, external works, and other associated work/services which may include for contractor's design. The provision of hired-modular build is not within scope.

Total Quantity or Scope

Additional information: The estimated Framework value range of £5 million to £25 million GBP is over the total of 4 years. This is reflective of variations of budgetary provision and anticipated work from 3rd party partner clients. The lower end of the spend range is more reflective of the Council's potential spend, with the higher end incorporating other potential public sector partners both within and outside of the Staffordshire geographical border. Whilst from a Councils perspective pipeline of work the framework is likely to see a predominance of projects typically ranging between £0.5 million and £2 million, the Framework may be commissioned for projects above and below this range. However, there is no commitment at the time of tendering from any parties and this should be taken into consideration when bidding. Note - this is anticipated and approximate with no guarantee on actual figures. The Framework is not exclusive, and the Council or its public sector partner clients makes no guarantee as to the volume of business on offer or to be awarded, and any figures / quantities / volumes given are indicative only and intended as a general guide. The Council also reserves the right to operate a public tender outside of the Framework where so required.

Award Detail

1 Ra Edwards & Partners (Stafford)
  • The Modular Modern-Methods of Construction Projects Framework Agreement
  • Reference: 028820-2021-ia2060-1
  • Value: £25,000,000
2 Fords of Blythe Bridge (Stoke on Trent)
  • The Modular Modern-Methods of Construction Projects Framework Agreement
  • Reference: 028820-2021-ia2060-2
  • Value: £25,000,000

Renewal Options

The Framework Agreement allows for a 1 year extension within the term, i.e. a 3 year +1 year arrangement. Commencement of framework 1st November 2021.

Award Criteria

Quality 30
Cost 70

CPV Codes

  • 45210000 - Building construction work
  • 44211000 - Prefabricated buildings
  • 45000000 - Construction work
  • 71240000 - Architectural, engineering and planning services
  • 71500000 - Construction-related services
  • 79415200 - Design consultancy services


  • Options are available.

Other Information

** PREVIEW NOTICE, please check Find a Tender for full details. ** The Framework is designed to primarily accommodate educational projects (e.g. schools, academies, colleges, universities etc), and will also include for non-educational project work including, but not limited to general Public Sector estate including but not limited to health & social care buildings; emergency services buildings; community buildings; libraries, nursery facilities, housing, sports facilities, respite and day care facilities, offices, general public buildings, and industrial units. The Contracting Authority (owner) of the Framework will be the Council ( The Council may commission projects or programmes of work on behalf of itself or its clients. The procurement does allow provision for other partner clients (expressly named in the original contract notice), namely Public Sector Bodies to access this Framework with the permission of the Council. Other Authorities and Public Sector organisations, or similar may also directly commission projects on behalf of themselves and will be responsible for their own contracts. Specifically, this Framework may be made available to Local Authorities (, Contracting Authorities and Public Bodies within Staffordshire and wider areas as prescribed by the NUTS codes in this notice. These may include any other Government Department, Defence, Emergency Services, Metropolitan / Borough & District Councils, Utilities, Educational Establishments, together with the specific Contracting Authorities named in the Find a Tender contract notice. Health Authorities, Councils Boards and Trusts (, Police forces ( and Fire and rescue services ( These organisations will be afforded third party rights or be named as beneficiaries under the contract or contracts where appropriate. The Framework may also include general associated construction services, service installations, design services (contractor and otherwise) and associated infrastructure works including hard or soft landscaping.