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A Meet the Buyer's Webinar event has been scheduled for Supported Living, Floating Support & Homelessness & Rough Sleeping Accommodation based Services for the 14th Jan 2022. Newham council would like to share the proposed strategic vision and transformation of existing services, please see attached slide deck outlining the key components. The event will allow the Council to share high-level plans for the Council's upcoming procurement, and the planned imminent market testing with providers. This is not an invitation to tender. We are inviting individual organisations, partnerships or consortia to attend this Meet the Buyer's Event. Service Commissioners will provide a webinar to update the market about the strategic vision. Organisations will also be given the opportunity to ask commissioners any questions. If organisations have any immediate questions then please contact Nina Khatun (details below) and the commissioners can address this at the Event. All questions and answers will be shared with attendees of the Events. This Event will be followed by a Market Test exercise. It is intended that organisation's with relevant experience return a completed questionnaire. Organisations are encouraged to attend the meetings with potential collaborative Partner's to discuss the solutions they currently offer and some of the challenges they come across. The Service is under increasing budgetary pressure and is keen to explore how providers secure additional funds and efficiencies. We are looking to achieve a service model that will provide positive, realistic and achievable outcomes for the service users. The Market Test will inform the Service Specification and key outcomes as well as the procurement process. The Council is considering a 5 year + optional 5 year extension Pseudo-DPS (PDPS) for this procurement. The PDPS will be split into 4 lots: - Lot 1: Supported Living - Lot 2: Floating Support - Lot 3: Housing Related Support (HRS) - Lot 4: Extra Care Additional Lots maybe added to the PDPS subject to approval at Cabinet. You are invited to attend a Meet the Buyer webinar event to be held as follows: • Friday 14 January 2022 1:30pm to 3pm

Lot Division

1 Supported Living

Lot 1: Supported Living with specialisms that include primary need i.e., (1a) Mental Health, (1b) Learning Disability & Autism, (1c) Physical (1d) Sensory (1e) Social Support (1f) Memory & Cognition (1g) Gender and Culturally Specific and varying level of support high, medium or low. Sub lots are subject to change based on market engagement discussion. Further details will be discussed at the Market Event

2 Floating Support

Lot 2 - Floating Support with specialisms that include sustaining and maintaining tenancies in the community, prevention of homelessness or stepping down from higher needs accommodation-based support at varying level of needs. Sub lots are subject to change based on market engagement discussion. Further details will be discussed at the Market Event

3 Housing Related Support (HRS)

Lot 3 - Housing Related Support (HRS) with specialisms that include (3a) Rough Sleeping Complex needs beds,(3b) Rough Sleeping Assessment Centre and (3c) Low to medium need accommodation-based support for single adults & LGBT young people. Sub lots are subject to change based on market engagement discussion. Further details will be discussed at the Market Event

4 Extra Care

Extra Care Housing (ECH) is housing designed to meet the needs of predominantly older people who require 24-hour care and support because of their physical, learning, mental ill-health or disability. People who live in ECH have their own self-contained home, their own front door, and a legal right to occupy the property. ECH enables the Council to meet several council and departmental strategic priorities. The social benefits of ECH are well-documented and include: - Better quality of life, - Access to leisure and social activities to reduce social isolation and improve well-being, - Well-designed environment can be a home for life and enables older people to remain in their own home even as they require increasing care and support. The overall aim of Extra Care shall be to work with the Council, Customers, Landlords and other stakeholders to create and maintain a safe, supportive and inclusive environment that promotes independence, health and well-being. Subject to change based on market engagement discussion. Further details will be discussed at the Market Event

CPV Codes

  • 85000000 - Health and social work services
  • 85312000 - Social work services without accommodation

Other Information

• To secure your place, please register for the event using link below: • Please email by 7th January 2022 4pm to receive Teams link, Market Event registration form and slide deck. ** PREVIEW NOTICE, please check Find a Tender for full details. ** Newham Council uses the Oracle Fusion e-tendering system. Please register using link below to access tender opportunities. Further details of how to register will be discussed at the Market Event