Market Engagement for The Provision of Intermediate Tier Discharge to Assess (D2a) Patients Bed Facility Healthcare Services on Behalf of NHS Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group

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5 year
22 Dec 2021
31 Mar 2022 to 31 Mar 2027
10 Jan 2022 13:00



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This notice intends to facilitate early engagement with potential Providers to seek the views and opinions of organisations that may be interested in delivering a Provision of Intermediate Tier Discharge to Assess (D2A) Patients Bed Facility Healthcare Services that relates only to a pre-procurement Market Engagement Questionnaire (MEQ). NHS Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) acting as the Contract Authority are currently developing their Service Specification, contracting process and commercial model for the Provision of Intermediate Tier Discharge to Assess (D2A) Patients Bed Facility Healthcare Services, which is intended to be mobilised by 31st March 2022 with the intention to establish a contract for up to three years with the possibility of one extension of up to two years. The indicative maximum total contract value (including any potential extensions) is £17,727,600 with an annual value estimated at £3,545,520 which is split into Nursing Beds at £1000 per bed per week and Residential Beds at £700 per bed per week in which the CCG are looking for blocks of 20 beds, 40 beds or 80 beds. More detail on the proposed Service can be found in the draft Service Specification.

CPV Codes

  • 85000000 - Health and social work services
  • 85100000 - Health services


  • Contract is suitable for SMEs.
  • Contract is suitable for VCOs.

Other Information

NHS Stockport CCG are seeking to establish what interest there might be in providing such a Service from suitably qualified, capable and competent organisations. NHS Stockport CCG will not be liable for costs incurred by any interested party in participating in this exercise. Interested parties should note that a response to this notice does not guarantee an automatic invitation to any subsequent formal procurement, which NHS Stockport CCG will consider in due course. Participation in this Market Engagement activity is not a mandatory requirement for participating in any potential future procurement; however, the responses will inform NHS Stockport CCG with regards to the level of market interest. CONFIRMATION OF YOUR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST IS THEREFORE IMPORTANT. NHS Stockport CCG may reasonably conclude a lack of capable market interest in the absence of responses to this questionnaire. Any responses provided will not be treated as commercially confidential and may be used by NHS Stockport CCG in the final solution Specifications used for the contracts, but no organisation will be individually identified. Providers wishing to express an interest should submit their completed Market Engagement Questionnaire (MEQ) via EU-Supply no later than 1pm on 10th January 2022. For information a notice has been placed on FTS.