The ECHO2 Programme: Network Integration Services Procurement

A Contract Award Notice

Contract (Services)
4 year (est.)
01 Apr 2022
To 01 Apr 2026 (est.)




Geochart for 3 buyers and 1 suppliers


The contracting authority on behalf of the Secretary of State for the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Affairs, and the British Council (BC) (collectively the ‘Partners’ or ‘Customers’) have awarded a framework agreement to Fujitsu Services Limited for the provision of Network Integration Services (the ‘Services’). The contracting authority intends to make the framework agreement available to other UK Central Government bodies. The services will connect ministerial headquarters and other head offices in the UK with their respective embassies, consulates and other office locations across the globe.

Total Quantity or Scope

The contracting authority has selected a single supplier who can make available the following services under the framework agreement as included below. 1) Implementation services — the requirements for the implementation of the supplier's solution. 2) Operational Services. (a) Elective services: the requirements that the supplier shall provide across the customer ICT environment(s) as part of its technical solution and which shall be available for consumption by the customer via optional call offs within the call-off contract. (i) Network platform — providing the customer with a resilient network traffic management capability using next generation networking technologies. (ii) Global connectivity services — multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) connectivity, providing the customer with the ability to route network traffic over MPLS links from overseas sites to the UK and between overseas sites with guaranteed capacity and performance levels. Very small aperture terminal for sites where the provision of other forms of connectivity are not available or a backup connection is required. (iii) Secure internet gateway — providing the customer with outbound access to enable end users to securely consume services hosted on the internet. (iv) Software defined perimeter — providing the customer with secure remote connectivity enabling access to its data and applications through a network security framework that dynamically creates one-to-one network connections between each user and the resources that they access. (v) Next generation firewall — providing the customer with next generation firewall technologies, enhancing and complementing the traditional stateful inspection firewall with other network device filtering functions, such as but not limited to, in-line deep packet inspection, intrusion prevention system and application awareness. (vi) Encryption devices — providing the customer with encryption services for Official tier data in transit. (b) Service management: the ongoing service management requirements to support the technical solution, which form part of the services that the supplier shall provide, including obligations in respect of the supplier’s service desk, incident resolution, change management, configuration management, release processes and reporting. 3) Optional services — services such as session border control service may be called off by a customer through a call-off contract. (a) Session border controllers — support public switched telephone network and cloud unified communications integration to the customer's voice over IP platforms, migrating from legacy in country PSTN solutions. (b) ITSM Toolset technical integration: technical integration of the Supplier's ITSM toolset with the ITSM toolsets of the customers' for selected support activities. The successful supplier will be required to complete transition and cutover to new arrangements prior to the expiry of the existing contract. II) Common services and collaborative call-off contracts The partners intend to work closely together in relation to the services provided under the call-off contracts. There are a number of requirements which the partners anticipates will need to be built in common across all call-off contracts.

Award Detail

1 Fujitsu Services (London)
  • The ECHO2 Programme: Network Integration Services Procurement
  • Num offers: 3
  • Value: £184,000,000

Award Criteria

Quality 60.0
PRICE 40.0

CPV Codes

  • 64200000 - Telecommunications services
  • 32400000 - Networks
  • 32410000 - Local area network
  • 32412000 - Communications network
  • 32412100 - Telecommunications network
  • 32412110 - Internet network
  • 32413000 - Integrated network
  • 32413100 - Network routers
  • 32415000 - Ethernet network
  • 32416000 - ISDN network
  • 32416100 - ISDX network
  • 32417000 - Multimedia networks
  • 32418000 - Radio network
  • 32420000 - Network equipment
  • 32421000 - Network cabling
  • 32422000 - Network components
  • 32424000 - Network infrastructure
  • 32425000 - Network operating system
  • 32426000 - Network publishing system
  • 32427000 - Network system
  • 32428000 - Network upgrade
  • 32430000 - Wide area network
  • 50330000 - Maintenance services of telecommunications equipment
  • 50331000 - Repair and maintenance services of telecommunications lines
  • 50332000 - Telecommunications-infrastructure maintenance services
  • 51300000 - Installation services of communications equipment
  • 64211000 - Public-telephone services
  • 64211200 - Long distance telephone services
  • 64214000 - Dedicated-business telephone network services
  • 64214100 - Satellite circuit rental services
  • 64214400 - Communication land-line rental
  • 64210000 - Telephone and data transmission services


  • Award on basis of price and quality.