Jisc Managed Firewall Service

A Contract Award Notice

Contract (Services)
6 year (est.)
01 Apr 2022
To 31 Mar 2028 (est.)




Geochart for 2 buyers and 1 suppliers

2 buyers

1 supplier


Jisc Services Ltd (JSL) sought a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) Partner who can work with us to design, build, operate and eventually transfer to JSL, a Managed Firewall Service; this will be the principal service that will complement both Jisc’s Managed Security Service Portfolio and Connectivity Services Portfolio.

Total Quantity or Scope

In longer-term support of JSL in the use of products and services you might supply, Jisc seeks to develop an ongoing relationship based on the principles of innovation, transparency and partnership. The Partner is also required to work with JSL to design, build, operate and eventually transfer to JSL any associated services in support of the Managed Firewall Service. Furthermore, to support JSL in the design and operation of other managed services opportunities that may arise to evolve JSL’s Managed Security Service Portfolio and Connectivity Services Portfolios. The potential for these additional service being to help support JSL’s overarching goal; to improve the security posture of our connected organisations. The Partner is required to support JSL in bringing to market these services as Jisc branded services. As a Jisc branded service all end customer orders and contracts will be placed with Jisc, rather than the managed security service provider, which will provide the operational aspects of the managed service on JiSL’s behalf. Although JSL is looking to benefit from the MSSP’s design and operational experience, it is important that the service be developed with JSL’s particular requirements in mind, and reflecting the specific needs of the education and research sector, rather than the repositioning of a more generic managed firewall service. For further information relating to who will be eligible to purchase this new managed service from JSL and for further information relating to the scope, please refer to the tender document.

Award Detail

1 Khipu Networks (Fleet)
  • Jisc Managed Firewall Service
  • Reference: 1
  • Num offers: 2
  • Value: £30,000,000
  • Contractor is an SME.

Award Criteria

Technical 50.0
Pricing 50.0

CPV Codes

  • 72212730 - Security software development services


  • Award on basis of price and quality.

Other Information

In order to keep all options open through the dialogue phase, in the previous contract notice we stated that this may involve the setting up of a framework agreement. Through the dialogue and now in the award this is not the case. This contract is a direct business to business agreement and does not constitute a framework agreement. The value associated to this contract is based on set up costs of the service as well as estimated sales of the service, this may end up being an overestimation.