Insulation and Associated Works Framework

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4 year
04 Apr 2022
04 Apr 2022 to 03 Apr 2026
19 Jan 2022 13:00



Geochart for 1 buyers and 11 suppliers


Efficiency East Midlands Ltd (EEM) is a not for profit consortium which establishes and manages a range of framework and DPS agreements. Our membership has now grown to 258 public sector organisations including housing associations and ALMO's, Local Authorities, NHS trusts, Education Providers, Blue Light Services, Government Agencies and Charities. EEM have also established a formal collaboration with 3 like-minded procurement consortia - Westworks, South East Consortium and Advantage South West. The membership list for these three consortia may be obtained from the following website addresses: ( ( ( The framework has been tendered and awarded based on the following lot structure: Sublot 1 - Midlands Sublot 2 - East of England Sublot 3 - National Coverage Contracting Authorities can use either a Direct Selection or Mini Competition to appoint a Contractor and only the Contractors who sit on the relevant geographical sublots the Contracting Authority is looking to use can participate in the selection process. EEM conducted this procurement exercise and have subsequently awarded and entered into framework agreements with contractors to carry out Insulation and associated works on behalf of our membership. Works via the framework are to include; • External Wall Insulation, design, enabling and installation works. • Exterior Render Systems . • Exterior Wall Cladding Systems. • External Wall Insulation Repair and Maintenance. • Internal Wall Insulation design, enabling and installation works. • Cavity Wall Insulation (Extraction Services, Virgin and Cavity Wall Insulation Re-fill). • Retrofit Floor Insulation (solid or suspended). • Loft Insulation (virgin and re-fill). • Attic/Room in Roof Insulation. • Retrofit Energy Efficiency measures to Park Homes. • Works associated with Insulation Programmes including but not limited to windows and doors, roofing, guttering, builders and ancillary works. Full details of works covered by the framework are detailed within the tender documents. Appointed framework contractors hold BBA accreditation and certification for insulation products. Installation of systems will be compliant with the manufacturer's instructions and latest PAS Standards. Compliance with both PAS 2030: 2019 and PAS 2035: 2019 is mandatory for all companies installing insulation via an appropriate body such as British Board of Agrément (BBA), The Insulation Assurance Authority (IAA) or equal approved body. Contractors appointed to the framework are able to offer a Solid Wall Insulation Guarantee (SWIGA) or an equivalent work guarantee scheme guarantee for Solid Wall Insulation works and a Cavity Insulation Guarantee (CIGA) or an equivalent work guarantee scheme for Cavity Wall Insulation works.

Award Detail

1 Breyer Group (Romford)
  • Value: £950,000,000
2 Cornerstone East Anglia (Harleston)
  • Value: £950,000,000
3 Engie Regeneration (Tyne and Wear)
  • Value: £950,000,000
4 Eon Energy Solutions (West Midlands)
  • Value: £950,000,000
5 Lawtech Group (Rochester)
  • Value: £950,000,000
6 Low Carbon Exchange (Weston Super Mare)
  • Value: £950,000,000
7 Sers Energy Solutions Group (Caerphilly)
  • Value: £950,000,000
8 Sustainable Building Services (Skelmersdale)
  • Value: £950,000,000
9 Synergize (Harrogate)
  • Value: £950,000,000
10 Westdale North (Doncaster)
  • Value: £950,000,000
11 Westville (Nottingham)
  • Value: £950,000,000

CPV Codes

  • 45210000 - Building construction work
  • 45261410 - Roof insulation work
  • 45262650 - Cladding works
  • 45262700 - Building alteration work
  • 45320000 - Insulation work
  • 45421100 - Installation of doors and windows and related components


  • Contract is suitable for SMEs.
  • Contract is suitable for VCOs.

Other Information

The call-off contracts to be awarded pursuant to the framework agreements entered at conclusion of the procurement exercise may extend for a duration of up to 5 years beyond expiry of the 4-year framework term. Please note that the total potential framework value stated within this notice and each lot is in relation to the full 4-year framework and takes into consideration the lot structure, length of call off contracts and that the EEM membership may grow over the framework lifetime . This framework has been procured by Efficiency East Midlands Ltd (EEM Ltd) on behalf of their members and the other organisations described below as being authorised users. The following contracting authorities will be entitled to agree and award contracts under this framework agreement as authorised users: 1) Any Member of EEM which for the avoidance of doubt currently includes 3 partner consortia Westworks(, Advantage South West ( and South East Consortium ( A full list of current members is available at . 2) Any future member of EEM or our partner consortia and in all cases being an organisation which has applied to join EEM or our partner consortia in accordance with the applicable constitutional documents; 3) An EEM participant being an organisation which is neither a current or EEM member (as defined at 1 above) nor a future member of EEM (as defined at 2 above) based within England and Wales which owns and/ or maintains/manages housing stock in one or more geographic area in which it operates and/or is an NHS Trust (which includes acute trusts, mental health trusts, care service trusts and ambulance trusts) or an organisation, police authority, fire authority, ambulance trust, university, higher/further education college, school or academy or other public sector organisation. Further details regarding the authorised users of this framework can be found within the tender documents.