PS21192 - Future Electricity, Gas Transmission and Distribution: Risk to Availability of Suitable Radio Connectivity Solutions

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3.5 month
05 Apr 2022
13 Dec 2021 to 25 Mar 2022
19 Nov 2021 11:00



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** This is an AWARD Notice, not a Call for Competition. A contract has been awarded following an Open procedure (below threshold) competition. ** The final date and time for the submission of bids is Friday 19th November 2021 at 11:00 DO NOT apply directly to the buyer. All tender information MUST be submitted through the Delta eSourcing Portal. Brief Description of Requirement BEIS has been contributing to Ofcom's Utilities Spectrum Strategy project, which has the objective to determine what, if any, spectrum management or regulatory intervention will be needed to help utilities deliver their services to 2050. BEIS notes that Ofcom's modelling work indicates that across all cases the total data rate for the energy sector will increase through to 2040. Industry has expressed a view that the need to better monitor and control their networks cannot be met through existing narrowband connectivity solutions, and require enhanced, broadband communications. The purpose of this work is to assess the risks (across different parts/assets of the energy network) of this new demand not being met from existing connectivity solutions (and public mobile networks) and where material risks are identified whether some form of alternative solution such as fixed line, spectrum allocation (shared or dedicated) and/or a dedicated network is likely to be required. The key strategic outcomes of the project are to: • Provide BEIS with a view on those energy use cases where there is a risk that existing and developing communications solutions may impede the delivery of BEIS wider objectives for the energy system (and where intervention may be required). • Where risks are as identified as material how these might be mitigated. This should include an assessment for each use case of what future communication options might be required (including fully wired solutions to wireless solutions using 'new' spectrum (shared or dedicated) and technology - noting where spectrum would need to support the technology. This mitigation plan should also consider the cost and barriers to the achievability of candidate mitigation options. Please ensure you review all attached information to ensure a full understanding of this requirement. All attachments can be found with the Document Uploads tab within the Delta eSourcing Portal. This contract will be awarded based on the evaluation criteria as set out in the ITQ document.

Award Detail

1 Plum Consulting London (London)
  • Value: £59,300

CPV Codes

  • 65400000 - Other sources of energy supplies and distribution
  • 71316000 - Telecommunication consultancy services


  • Contract is suitable for SMEs.

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