Higher Active Waste Thermal Treatment Research and Development Programme

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07 Apr 2022
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The Higher Activity Waste Thermal Treatment (HAWTT) research and development programme seeks to develop active demonstrators to consider the impact of thermal treatment technologies on specific forms of High Level Waste. The specific waste form dealt within Tranche 1 is plutonium contaminated material (PCM) Advancing on current thermal treatment technologies, Sellafield have been requested by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) to deliver demonstrators to produce information that may underpin a strategic decision as to the most appropriate means of treating specific forms of this High Level Waste, so that it may be stored and managed safely. This will further inform the broader strategic direction across the NDA estate. The Contract to which this notice relates, is for the supply of a distinct thermal treatment technology for deployment within the development of an integrated system for the purposes of research of development.

Total Quantity or Scope

The manufacture and supply of the core thermal treatment technology and associated ancillary services to enable Sellafield Ltd’s HAWTT research and development programme which seeks to prove the concept of the application of thermal treatment technology, in an integrated system, to specific forms of High Level Waste.

Award Detail

1 Tetronics Technologies (Swindon)
  • Reference: 1
  • Num offers: 1
  • Value: £600,000
  • Contractor is an SME.

Award Criteria

Technical, Minimum Standards, Terms and Conditions 60.0
Value for Money, Economic Standing 40.0

CPV Codes

  • 42940000 - Machinery for the heat treatment of materials


  • Award on basis of price and quality.

Other Information

Actual award value for the first stage is £0.6 Million, underpinned by the first Notice to Proceed. Actual award value for the first stage is £0.6 Million, underpinned by the first Notice to Proceed. Due to the research and development nature of the contract, there is a potential that the aggregate out turn value could range between £2 million to £17 million. The value range is a parametric estimate and takes into account that there may be various stages of the contract that rely on prior proof of concept deliverables and may not be entered into unless these are proven to be successful beforehand. The value range is an estimate which takes into account credible scenarios based on three sequential development stages. In the event that the thermal technology is found to be unsuitable through the first development stage, it is anticipated the research and development with this technology will cease (subject to the reasons for the unsuitability and the potential for this to be rectified within the system); in which case the contract value will remain limited. However, if on completion of the first stage, the thermal technology development is successful, the second stage of development will commence. Likewise, the final stage of development will commence if the technology is suitably developed after the second stage. As such the overall contract value will be informed by the success of the research and development activities associated with each stage. Sellafield Ltd undertook a market scanning activity to explore the available thermal technologies that could support this research and development programme. The identified Technology Supplier to whom this award relates was identified as meeting the requirements of the programme through an informal process. Sellafield Ltd had awarded a number of contracts to companies that had the potential to meet the requirements of the programme, with details of those prior contract awards available through Ref: 2021-467232. A VEAT notice (Ref: 2022-421026) to which this Contract relates was published on 14/02/2022 15:27 and in line with the requirements of Regulation 99(3), Sellafield Ltd observed a standstill period from the publication of that notice prior to the award of the contract to the Technology Supplier.