The Provision of Custody Based Healthcare and associated services to Detained Persons across the South West Forces

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Contract (Services)
10 year
07 Apr 2022
01 Oct 2022 to 30 Sep 2032
14 Jan 2022 17:00



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This contract covers healthcare within the secure estate of a police custody suite/unit in this respect the Police are strictly governed by legislation in particular the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 and its Codes of Practice. The Customer invites tender returns for the provision of "Adaptive Delivery Models" that will proactively map to the current and potential future needs of the forces working in collaboration with the Forces and the region as a whole to develop partnership working to provide the services required, over a TEN year period. The Forces are looking to move beyond the constraints of a fixed delivery model that is determined by the Forces themselves and instead move towards a partnership approach. The intention is that this allows the contract to "evolve" with the changes in demand, legislation and technology to become an adaptive delivery model that proactively changes to better meet the delivery needs of each custody suite, and the wider forces themselves. Allowing the cost of delivery to effectively represent the true cost of the service being delivered without sacrificing performance. The contract will be awarded to a SINGLE provider across the Entire FIVE Forces, who will then become a Strategic Partner to the Regional Forces. In the earliest phase of the contract, the Provider will work with the Forces and other associated Detainee services to deliver the provision of Healthcare services to detainees to offer a regional service delivery that is adaptable enough to "cross cover" areas of high demand without sacrificing performance in another. In Later phases of the contract the Forces will look to work with the Strategic Partner to better integrate the services they provide, with those provided by the Liaison & Diversion, Substance Misuse Agencies, Mental Health and other connected service teams (incl VCSE's) that provide services to People who find themselves within or at risk of becoming part of the wider judicial System. THE MAX BUDGET AVAILABLE FOR THIS CONTRACT (INCLUDING ANY ADDITONAL / OPTIONAL IS £110m OVER THE LIFE OF THE CONTRACT). FULL details of how the evolution of the contractual requirements will be managed is detailed within SUBSECTION 4 of the Specification and the Associated Terms & Conditions

Award Detail

1 MITIE Care & Custody (London)
  • Value: £57,259,347

CPV Codes

  • 66162000 - Custody services
  • 75241100 - Police services
  • 85100000 - Health services

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