The Provision of a Pan-London Homeless Substance Misuse Programme

A Contract Award Notice

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1 year
08 Apr 2022
01 Mar 2022 to 28 Feb 2023
03 Dec 2021 12:00



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**PLEASE NOTE** This is an Award Notice and the opportunity is now closed. The City of London Corporation (The City) undertook a 1 stage procurement process in relation to the provision of a Pan-London Homeless Substance Misuse Programme (the 'Service'). As part of the Government's ambition to end rough sleeping, funding from Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has been provided to the City as part of a Public Health England (PHE)/Greater London Authority (GLA)/Local Authority (LA) partnership-led pan London Substance Misuse Programme for people who sleep rough/in hostel accommodation/risk of return to the street. The grant will better address the increasing complexity of their substance misuse treatment and recovery needs. The City has agreed to act as the lead commissioner for this Programme using the grant funding obtained - up to £2,244,700 of Central Government grant funding to commission a team to help London residents who need support with their drug and alcohol addiction. The amount of grant provided for this pan-London service is fixed and needs to be spent in full. This grant requirement creates some urgency around the process. The Service is split into 3 seperate Lots covering Abstinence-based Intermediate Residential Rehabilitation, Stabilisation-based Intermediate Residential Rehabilitation and a Pan-London Homeless Substance Misuse Engagement Team. The Service to be procured from the proposed contract is classified under Schedule 3 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 as "Provision of services to the community". Therefore, the Service advertised in this contract notice fall among those listed in Annex XIV to Directive 2014/24/EU and the full obligations set out in that directive do not apply. For the avoidance of doubt, the contract is to be procured in accordance with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 Regulations 74 to 78, more commonly known as the Light Touch Regime. The precise procurement process to be used is as described in the procurement documents.

Award Detail

1 Mildmay Hospital (London)
  • Value: £1,458,100
2 Phoenix House (London)
  • Value: £1,458,100

CPV Codes

  • 85000000 - Health and social work services


  • Contract is suitable for SMEs.

Other Information

The procurement was run as a one stage process, resembling the open procedure and its main features - which includes the core elements of the standard Selection Questionnaire (SQ). Any organisation that considers itself able to meet the requirements of the selection criteria within the Qualification Envelope is invited to submit a tender. The requirements of the Service are set out in the procurement documents, particularly the Service Specification - available from: The duration of the contract is one (1) year, with the option to extend for a further six (6) months. The Contract is intended to commence 1st March 2022 to 31st January 2023. Organisations were made aware that due to the contract value (of the Service), any contract formed as a result of this procurement process shall be executed as a deed.