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Framework (Services)
4 year
15 Jul 2022
To 28 Jul 2026 (est.)
18 Aug 2022 11:00



United Kingdom

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The Framework will provide a comprehensive range of HR, Payroll and Employee Screening Services. It is being established to meet the needs of Crescent Purchasing Consortium Members, and potential members at It is also open for use by all contracting authorities across the UK public sector (and any future successors). These include (but not limited to) central government departments and agencies, Non Departmental Public Bodies, NHS bodies, Local Authorities, Police Authorities, Emergency Services, Educational Establishments, Hospices, Registered Charities, National Parks and registered Social Landlords. Full details of the classification of eligible end user organisations and geographical areas is available at: The Framework will be let across five Lots, with a maximum of 8 suppliers awarded a place on each of the Lots.

Lot Division

1 Human Resource Payroll and Employee Screening Services One-Stop-Shop
  • Value: £50M

This lot will include the provision of of all the Lots below as detailed within the respective lot descriptions, delivered as an integrated service to the framework user; thus delivering their requirement for human resource services, payroll and employee screening services from a single supplier.

2 Human Resource Services
  • Value: £35M

Human resource services including but not limited to, the following services: Specialist recruitment/e-recruitment services, HR consultancy, managed services, training, business and administration support services, transformational services, leadership and management support services and employee support services.

3 Payroll Services
  • Value: £35M

Payroll Services including but not limited to: Data Input, Processing of Payroll, Setting Up and Processing of Pensions, Tax NI and Related Services, Holiday Calculations, Sickness Paternity and Maternity Calculations, Processing of Expenses and Benefit, Processing of Third Party Payments and Pensions, Payment of Salaries, Production of Payslips, Application of Legislative Updates, Provision of Management Information, Production of HMRC Documentation, Payroll Query Help Line and Employee Help Line. All services to be delivered either as a Bureau, Part Managed or Managed Service

4 Employee Screening Services Solutions
  • Value: £15M

This lot offers a full suite of employee screening checks including, but not limited to: Disclosure and Barring Service and Criminal record checks, as detailed in lot 5, Verification Service Checks, Credit Checks, Right to work checks, Identity Verification, Passport Validation, DVLA/Driving Licence checks, Directorship checks, Media/Social Media checks, International Fraud/Sanction checks, BS7858 Checks and The Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) Check

5 Disclosure and Barring Service and Criminal Record Checks
  • Value: £15M

This lot offers a comprehensive range of Disclosure and Barring Service and Criminal Record checks such as: Basic, Standard and Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service checks or equivalents.

Renewal Options

48 month(s) from the commencement date, with 36 initial month(s) and option to extend 1x12 month(s)

CPV Codes

  • 79414000 - Human resources management consultancy services
  • 79900000 - Miscellaneous business and business-related services
  • 79625000 - Supply services of medical personnel
  • 79633000 - Staff development services
  • 79611000 - Job search services
  • 79624000 - Supply services of nursing personnel
  • 79400000 - Business and management consultancy and related services
  • 75131100 - General personnel services for the government
  • 79621000 - Supply services of office personnel
  • 79630000 - Personnel services except placement and supply services
  • 48400000 - Business transaction and personal business software package
  • 79410000 - Business and management consultancy services
  • 79600000 - Recruitment services
  • 72212400 - Business transaction and personal business software development services
  • 80511000 - Staff training services
  • 79631000 - Personnel and payroll services
  • 79610000 - Placement services of personnel
  • 79612000 - Placement services of office-support personnel
  • 72212450 - Time accounting or human resources software development services
  • 79635000 - Assessment centre services for recruitment
  • 79620000 - Supply services of personnel including temporary staff
  • 48450000 - Time accounting or human resources software package
  • 79211110 - Payroll management services
  • 79990000 - Miscellaneous business-related services
  • 79634000 - Career guidance services
  • 79700000 - Investigation and security services
  • 79000000 - Business services: law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security
  • 79632000 - Personnel-training services


  • Restrictions apply to the lot award allocation.
  • This is a one-off contract (no recurrence)
  • Options are available.
  • Renewals are not available.

Other Information

** PREVIEW NOTICE, please check Find a Tender for full details. ** CPC Internal Reference Number is CPC/DU/HR/02. The framework is being delivered by Crescent Purchasing Ltd through Crescent Purchasing Consortium and its partners Dukefield Procurement Ltd (who are a subsidiary of Dukefield Group Ltd). Dukefield Procurement Ltd are acting as agents of Crescent Purchasing Consortium in the development and ongoing contract management of this framework. The contracting authority will be using an eTendering system to conduct the procurement exercise. To access the procurement documentation suppliers must register their company details on the Sourcing Cloud system at: the tender is available from the opportunities menu on the login page of the site. The contracting authority shall not be under any obligation to accept the lowest tender or indeed any tender. Crescent Purchasing Consortium expressly reserves the rights: (a) to terminate the procurement process and not to award any contract as a result of the procurement process at any time; (b) to make whatever changes it may see fit to the content and structure of the procurement as detailed within the tender documentation; (c) to award a contract covering only part of the consortium's requirements if explicitly detailed within the tender documentation; (d) to disqualify any organisation from the process that canvasses any employee of the Contracting Authority during the procurement process or standstill period if applicable; (e) seek clarifications to tender responses on the basis that any clarification sought will not confer any undue competitive advantage in the favour of any supplier from whom such clarifications are being sought; (f) where the contracting authority can evidence that there is a conflict of interest, either personal or in consideration of any organisation bidding for the contract, the contracting authority shall have the explicit right to immediately exclude that person or organisation from the tender process entirely; (g) where the contracting authority has engaged in any pre-market soft testing prior to the commencement of the procurement process, the contracting authority reserves the right to name any organisation that has been involved in these discussions and release any and all specifications/discussion documents to the market where appropriate to the subject matter of this procurement; (h) the contracting authority will not be liable for any costs incurred by tenderers; (i) the value of the framework provided in section II.1.5) is only an estimate and the contracting authority will not guarantee any business through this framework agreement; and (j) the contracting authority wishes to establish a framework agreement open for use by all Public Sector Bodies as stated in II.1.4). Tenderers should note, in reference to section IV.1.3), envisaged maximum number of participants to the framework: Where, following the evaluation of bids, more than one tenderer on a Lot is tied with the same final evaluation score and are ranked in the last supplier award position, each of these tenderers shall be deemed to occupy the last framework agreement contract award position for the Lot in question for the purpose of calculating the maximum number of suppliers under the framework. The contracting authority will award a framework agreement to additional tenderers on a particular Lot beyond the stated maximum number for that Lot, where their final evaluation score (s) is within 0.5% of the last placed position only on the particular Lot. For the avoidance of doubt, the last placed position in respect of this framework on each lot is eighth place. Therefore, tenderers within 0.5%, along with the tenderer in last placed position on a lot, shall be deemed to occupy the last framework agreement contract award position for that particular lot.