Medium Schemes Framework 4 (MSF4) on behalf of Midlands Highway Alliance Plus (MHA+)

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02 Aug 2022
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United Kingdom:

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The framework scope of the MSF4 is for the execution of highway, civil and municipal engineering works. Typical schemes may involve, but not exclusively be, highway improvements, highway maintenance, highway infrastructure works (including bridges, subways, culverts and retaining walls), public realm works (town centre enhancements), drainage improvements, canal works and other infrastructure works such as waste management facilities. Such schemes will be undertaken within the administrative boundaries of the existing MHA+ members (on behalf of the local authorities concerned or any other publicly-funded body working in conjunction with the MHA+ members), and other such bodies located within or adjacent to the geographical Midlands area that become members of the MHA+ during the currency of this Agreement. Any member of the MHA+ will be eligible to place orders under this framework, A full, uptodate list of MHA+ members can be found on the MHA+ website There is no lower or upper limit on the value of Work Orders that can be issued under the MSF4. It is anticipated that most work will be in the range of £1million to £12million but a published and regularly reviewed pipeline of potential schemes will be available to allow resource planning. Prior Information Notice was previously published in relation to this opportunity in Find a Tender Service under reference 2021/S 000-003320.

Total Quantity or Scope

For the purposes of this tender process, Leicestershire County Council is acting as the Client and the Contracting Authority on behalf of the Midlands Highway Alliance Plus (MHA+). Any organisation who is a member of the MHA+ (this includes any organisation that may become a member during the Framework Term), will be able to place a Works Order under it with a framework Contractor. Each Works Order will create a separate, stand-alone contract between the MHA member who placed it and the Contractor. Leicestershire County Council will have no liability except in relation to Works Orders which it places itself. Irrespective of who places them, Works Orders will incorporate by reference all of the relevant information and arrangements set out in the Framework Agreement. The Framework Agreement is based on NEC4 Framework Contract. The permissible contract conditions for the call-off contracts placed under this framework will be: Engineering and Construction Contract, Main Option C; Engineering and Construction Short Contract or Professional Services Short Contract. Call-Off Contracts will be awarded in line with Selection Procedures listed in Framework Information document. The value stated at II.1.7. Total value of the procurement is the maximum value for the total duration of this Framework. Exact value will be dependent on the value of individual contracts (Works Orders) awarded under this Framework. The initial Framework term is four (4) years with two options to further extend by two (2) years each . The maximum term of the Framework is therefore eight years (4+2+2). The start date is: 23rd July 2022.

Award Detail

1 Balfour Beatty Civil Engineering (London)
  • Medium Schemes Framework 4 (MSF4)
  • Reference: 021150-2022-1
  • Awarded to group of suppliers.
2 Eurovia Infrastructure (Horsham)
  • Medium Schemes Framework 4 (MSF4)
  • Reference: 021150-2022-1
  • Awarded to group of suppliers.
3 Galliford Try Construction (Uxbridge)
  • Medium Schemes Framework 4 (MSF4)
  • Reference: 021150-2022-1
  • Awarded to group of suppliers.
4 John Sisk (St Albans)
  • Medium Schemes Framework 4 (MSF4)
  • Reference: 021150-2022-1
  • Awarded to group of suppliers.

Award Criteria

Social Value 15
Quality 55
price 30

CPV Codes

  • 45233000 - Construction, foundation and surface works for highways, roads
  • 45233100 - Construction work for highways, roads
  • 45233131 - Construction work for elevated highways
  • 45233139 - Highway maintenance work
  • 45233210 - Surface work for highways
  • 45233130 - Construction work for highways
  • 45233300 - Foundation work for highways, roads, streets and footpaths
  • 45233310 - Foundation work for highways


Other Information

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