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04 Aug 2022
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The Financial Ombudsman Service Limited is extending it's contractual arrangements with Capita Secure Information Solutions Limited. The extension will be for a term of six months. The arrangements relate to the hosting of data centre facilities. Specifically, provision, maintenance and operation of Data Centre systems; Data Centre LAN services; Data Centre Inter-connectivity and the provision of Data Centre facilities at two separate locations until the datacentre is decommissioned later this year.

Total Quantity or Scope

The Supplier will provide the following services to the Customer in order to fulfil the requirements for the hosting of the Customer's Data at two remote data centre facilities. Implementation and associated support of network links between two of the Supplier's Tier 3 Data Centre facilities; 2 x 10GB active-active links 2 x 8GB active-active Fibre Channel links Supply and set-up of 13 contiguous racks at the Supplier's primary IL3 Data Centre Supply and set-up of 11 contiguous racks at the Supplier's secondary IL3 Data Centre A power draw capacity of 4Kw per rack at each Data Centre Provision of structured cabling between Network Termination Equipment and Customer cabinet. Service Delivery The Supplier will provide the following services to the Customer in order to fulfil the service delivery requirements for the hosting of the Customer's Data. An Intelligent Hands call-off service procured by the Customer through the contract order form process in periods of 15 minutes. The scope of which may include; • Undertaking the identification of faults on hardware up to operating system level • Observing and reporting equipment condition, functionality and indicator light status • Re-boots and power-cycling of equipment or soft reboot • Installing/maintaining patch/crossover cables as required • Re-connecting and changing of plug-in cards and hard drives • Physical cable and connection checking and securing if required • Organising and maintaining cable labelling and visually verifying connectivity • Entering specific commands on servers and devices • Handling media insert and swapping of tapes or DVDs • Escorting non-whitelist Customer staff and contractors The provision of a secure space within the Supplier's Data Centres accessible to build and support teams for use during the installation phase and for any routine maintenance. The provision of Client rooms within the Supplier's primary and secondary Data Centres equipped with power, desk-space and Internet connectivity available for visiting Customer staff and contractors. The provision of a 24/7/365 Service Desk contactable by telephone and email. The provision of a designated Service Delivery Manager responsible for the management and reporting of service levels and change requests through service review meetings scheduled at a frequency agreed between the Customer and the Supplier. The provision of regular Service Level reports produced at a frequency agreed between the Customer and the Supplier. The content of which to be agreed between the Customer and the Supplier's Service Delivery Manager following service commencement. The provision of secure 'white-list' access arrangements for pre-arranged and short notice visits by Customer staff and contractors to enable unescorted access to the Supplier's primary and secondary Data Centres.

Award Detail

1 Capita Secure Information Solutions (London)
  • Reference: 021432-2022-1
  • Value: £360,000

CPV Codes

  • 72000000 - IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support
  • 32400000 - Networks
  • 72222300 - Information technology services
  • 72514000 - Computer facilities management services
  • 72514100 - Facilities management services involving computer operation
  • 72514300 - Facilities management services for computer systems maintenance
  • 72700000 - Computer network services

Other Information

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