HCC - 09/22 - Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for the Provision of Local Bus and School Coach Transport Services

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07 Sep 2022
01 Dec 2027 to 02 Dec 2027
30 Nov 2027 12:00



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Hertfordshire County Council (the authority) is establishing a Dynamic Purchasing System (the DPS) for the provision of Local Bus and School Coach Transport Services. PLEASE NOTE: This does not cover Taxi Services Please ignore the start and end dates the DPS will commence on the 1st December 2022 and will expire on the 30th November 2027 unless extended at the sole discretion of the Council The DPS will be established and operate in accordance with Regulation 34 of The Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (the Regulations). The authority has published a contract notice in FTS and Potential Suppliers are now invited to express an interest in joining the DPS. Firstly, organisations apply by completing the Council's Supplier Questionnaire (SQ). Organisations which satisfy the pre-determined selection criteria will then be admitted to the DPS. Individual Orders throughout the duration of the DPS will be awarded via competition during the second stage. Organisations admitted to the DPS should note they won't be invited to tender for competition(s) until they have signed the DPS Agreement which will be done electronically via Docusign. The DPS has been split in to 3 Category's as per the below and Suppliers are invited to bid for 1, more or all of the Category's listed. Category 1 - Registered Local Bus Services Category 2 - Contracted Education Bus, Coach or PCV Minibus Services Contracted Home to School Transport Services, used solely for the purpose of transporting students to schools and colleges. Drivers and Passenger Assistants working in this category will be required to undertake an Enhanced-level DBS with barred list check prior to commencement in their role. This must be arranged through the Councils umbrella body. Contact details for the Council DBS Officer will be shared with Operators so that they can make arrangements. The Integrated Transport Unit (ITU) plans and manages transport arrangements to schools, colleges, day services and other destinations on behalf of the Council's Children's Services (CS) & Adult Care Services (ACS) Departments. The Admissions & Transport team in CS provides home to school transport for pupils who meet the criteria set out in the Council's Home to School Transport Policy. Category 3 - Demand-Responsive Transport A form of shared transport for individuals or groups travelling where vehicles alter their journey based on demand without using a fixed route or timetables journeys. These vehicles typically pick-up and drop-off passengers in locations according to passenger's needs. In order to apply organisations must follow the steps laid out below;

CPV Codes

  • 60000000 - Transport services (excl. Waste transport)
  • 60100000 - Road transport services
  • 60112000 - Public road transport services
  • 60130000 - Special-purpose road passenger-transport services


  • Contract is suitable for SMEs.

Other Information

Step 1 - log in or register at https://in-tendhost.co.uk/supplyhertfordshire/aspx/Home Step 2 - Find the project and click on View Details Step 3 - Click on Express Interest Step 4 - If you are intending to bid click 'Opt In' if you aren't intending to bid click 'O... Step 4 - If you are intending to bid click 'Opt In' if you aren't intending to bid click 'Opt Out' Step 5 - Download and fully complete all of the relevant documentation and upload your submission by 12 noon on 7th October 2022. Please ensure you allow plenty of time prior to the closing date to do this. If you experience any system problems please contact In-Tend directly on: +44 (0)114 407 0065 If you have any questions relating to service delivery or the tender documents please send these via the correspondence area in In-Tend Is a Recurrent Procurement Type? : No Additional information on how to apply for this contract