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Business Wales Delivery 2023-2029

A Tender Notice

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Contract (Services)
6 year
01 Nov 2022
To 11 Jan 2029 (est.)
12 Jan 2023 12:00




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2 buyers


Through Business Wales, the Welsh Government offers business support services to inspire entrepreneurs and help start, sustain, and grow businesses in Wales. The Business Wales service encompasses a range of products and services offering information, advice, and support online, via phone, virtually or in person in English and Welsh. Business Wales is delivered through a blend of external suppliers, grant awards (third party providers) and ‘in-house’ Welsh Government teams. The service supports all sectors and is available across the whole of Wales. Business Wales aims to provide a one stop shop of information, support, advice, and referral under three overarching aims: i. To build confidence and inspire individuals, entrepreneurs, and micro business to reach their full potential. To work with key stakeholders to develop a cohesive ecosystem that is visible, simple, and connected to ensure Wales is a great place to start and grow a business in the foundation or growth economies. ii. To address a key gap by creating the conditions for businesses to start, sustain and grow through in inclusive and sustainable ways. iii. To support the productivity, resilience, growth, decarbonising and sustainability of micro and SMEs. To secure their long-term future ownership within Wales and their continued contribution to the Welsh economy. The Contracting Authority is seeking to procure up to four (4) suitably qualified Suppliers to deliver the Services. The Services consist of four separate Lots. Lot 1 - Business Wales: Supporting Entrepreneurs and Business Start Up Lot 2 – Business Wales: Development & Advisory Support Lot 3 – Business Wales: Accelerated Growth Programme Lot 4 – Business Wales: Brand & Marketing Communications The proposed duration of each the Services' contracts is for a period of up to 6 years (an initial 2-year period, with an option to extend - at the sole discretion of the Contracting Authority - for a further 4 years (in 12-month increments). The combined total estimated value for the four (4) Lots is GBP 11.5 million (+ VAT) per annum but this could be higher subject to budget availability.

Lot Division

1 Business Wales Supporting Entrepreneurs and Business Start-Up

This element of the service will inspire and develop the capability of entrepreneurs by developing a culture of entrepreneurship and business start-up in Wales focussing on three main groups: young people under 25 years, all age adults who are considering becoming self-employed or starting their own business, and targeted outreach for individuals underrepresented in business start-up and society. The aims of the Business Wales: Supporting Entrepreneurs and Business Start-Up are to: - Develop a culture of entrepreneurship and business start-up in Wales. Inspire and educate future generations of young people in Wales to consider entrepreneurship as part of their career aspirations, to develop their entrepreneurial potential and develop their business capability. - Address under-representation in business start-up, build confidence and inspire individuals from all communities across Wales to reach their entrepreneurial potential. - Support the creation and sustainability of new start businesses across the economy. Provide business support to build the business knowledge and capability of emergent and new entrepreneurs, strengthen the viability of their business proposition, enhance their business skills, enable them to seize opportunities for business growth and improve their chances of business survival.

2 Business Wales Development and Advisory Support

This element of the service will build the confidence and resilience of the business community in Wales through the provision of dedicated advice, support and focussed relationship management, helping businesses create opportunities for employment, stimulate sustainable and inclusive growth, and improve business practice and their productivity. The aims of the Business Wales Development & Advisory Support are to: - Provide information, motivation, and quality business advice to support new and existing micro and SME businesses to improve productivity, stimulate job creation and sustainable and inclusive business growth. - Improve participation in order to build resilience and capability of businesses to create quality opportunities for themselves and others, improving business practice to ensure the medium to long term growth and security of businesses owned by people in Wales. - Provide relationship managers for selected priority businesses based on importance to region and place. - Deliver services that enable Welsh Government to achieve policy priorities to build a stronger, greener, and fairer Wales. - Work with partners, our business communities and stakeholders representing academia, entrepreneurs, corporates, government, and risk capital to stimulate innovation-driven enterprises and improve connectivity for Welsh businesses.

3 Business Wales Accelerated Growth Programme

This element of the service will provide tailored business support, relationship management and specialist coaching for selected pre-revenue and established businesses that can demonstrate the aspiration and potential to achieve high growth. The aims of the Business Wales Accelerated Growth Programme are to: - Provide specialist tailored support and relationship management to help ambitious entrepreneurs (pre revenue) and rapid high growth businesses (SMEs) in Wales unlock their high growth potential. - Be a major player in the delivery of high growth support to businesses in Wales building Wales's reputation for exciting innovation driven enterprises. - Deliver a high growth support service able to deliver nationally with a clear regional focus and ability to report on a regional basis. - Deliver a range of high growth support interventions, via a relationship management delivery model, to stimulate high growth job creation, support sustainable green business growth, strengthen positive employment practices while improving workplace equality and promoting Fair Work across high growth businesses. - Recruit and nurture high growth potential through specialist, tailored support, and ongoing assessment throughout the business high growth lifestyle. - Increase the turnover, employment and profits of the high growth businesses supported on the BW AGP. - Increase the international export sales of businesses supported on the programme. - Increase the number of gross jobs in Wales with a focus on high quality jobs and new green jobs. - Introduce and embed the Welsh Government Economic Contract to all businesses registered onto the programme. - Deliver a fully accessible and inclusive high growth support service to entrepreneurs and businesses in Wales whilst addressing under-representation and inspiring high-growth entrepreneurs, and business owners from all communities to build the confidence, skills, and resilience to develop their businesses. - Work closely with the wider Welsh Government suite of business support, Business Wales family, entrepreneurial ecosystem across academia (including MIT's ILP), private, public and third sector, financial sector organisations to complement services and support high growth development in Wales. - Introduce a client fee paying model of support to generate income to enable added value delivery within the life of the contract.

4 Business Wales Brand & Marketing Communications

This element of the service will deliver the national brand awareness for the whole Business Wales service, along with specific marketing campaign activities to support Business Wales digital services, and the Services set out in Lot 1, Lot 2, and Lot 3 of the ITT. The aims of the Business Wales Brand & Marketing Communications are to: - Position Business Wales as a compelling brand and trusted “go to” service that offers easily accessible business support services to inspire entrepreneurs to help start, sustain, and grow businesses in Wales. - Raise awareness of, and positive engagement with, the service by delivering exceptional brand and marketing communications that work effectively across different media and channels. - Develop and enhance market and customer insight identifying valuable evidence and knowledge that can be implemented to improve future marketing activity. - Align, build, and deliver an integrated marketing communications approach (built on deep market and customer insight), that is aligned to Business Wales credentials as the gateway to a leading, comprehensive, open, and inclusive business support service for people who want to start, sustain, or grow and their business to become more competitive in an ever changing and challenging marketplace. - Enhance and develop a strong, consistent, and cohesive Business Wales brand marketing approach to achieve improved cut-through for the Business Wales service and reach all the audiences that the service is intended for. - Develop creative approaches to engage new and existing audiences. - Develop market perception so that the Service is seen as the most open, inclusive, and comprehensive business support service in Wales. - Innovate in the development and delivery of brand and marketing communications to deliver continuous improvement in results. - Proactively engage local and national stakeholders to drive forward the entrepreneurial culture in Wales. - Proactively engage under-representation in Welsh businesses. - Ensure planned activity is balanced and aligned with Welsh Government policies and action plans.

Renewal Options

The proposed duration of each the Services' contracts is for a period of up to 6 years (an initial 2-year period, with an option to extend - at the sole discretion of the Contracting Authority - for a further 4 years (in 12-month increments).

CPV Codes

  • 79000000 - Business services: law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security
  • 79340000 - Advertising and marketing services


  • Restrictions apply to the lot award allocation.
  • Bids should cover a maximum number of lots.
  • Bids may cover one or more lots.
  • Renewals are available.
  • Performance considerations apply.
  • Staff qualifications are relevant.
  • Award on basis of price and quality.

Other Information

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