Slimbridge Patch Parking Project

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07 Jun 2023
29 Mar 2019 to 26 Apr 2019
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Slimbridge Parish Council (SPC) are looking to resolve a parking solution for Shepherds Patch, Slimbridge. For many years' cars have parked along verges at Shepherds Patch and creating a single lane effect causing several safety concerns. The area has many tourist attractions including the canal, pub and WWT all creating a large traffic influx. At busy periods e.g. Bank holidays and advertised events, as many as 20+ cars have been recorded parked in this area. SPC have two options 1. Verge parking: creating approximately 16/18 spaces on the verge by relocating the ditch to adjacent field and infilling current ditch. 2. Car Park: creating a car park for 45 spaces in a small parcel of land being offered for lease. Two specifications have been submitted and SPC will resolve the best plan for the area when tenders have been received. The land has a water pipe and meter which goes across the current entrance lying under the ground, through to the field; this feeds the water trough in the field and this will need to be secured within the scheme. The ditch has not been cleared and therefore the information required back from the contractor will need to be clear on the works required for infilling to ensure the pavement above will meet highways standards with no subsidence occurring. Any long term maintenance required for either scheme would be appreciated so as future management can be planned. Contractors are asked to ensure that all works will conform and comply to current regulations, with specification details/compliance i.e. British Standards etc of all materials used, and will guarantee all works for a period of at least 12 months. Contractors are welcome to supply a separate tender on any cost saving and innovative suggestions that they believe would be a better alternative option for either scheme. SPC will look at these comparisons against the original quote from the original specs. Contractors are to supply their qualifications for the job, especially with regards to the verge parking where Highways qualifications will be required (NRSWA accreditation). References of similar works recently carried out will be useful for SPC to look at previous work done by the contractor. Contractors are to factor in any traffic management schemes that may be required and any removal of Highways signs to be relocated where necessary. Contractors to supply copies of all Public liability and insurances and provide relevant risk assessments for the job. Contractors are to visit site before submitting a tender and meet with Philip Garrett (SPC Chairman) to ensure they are aware of the site and carry out initial visual assessments. SPC anticipate starting project by end of March 2019, therefore all quotes to be fixed for 6 months from start date. The provisionally awarded contract will be subject to follow up site meetings and planning permission. All tenders to be sent in a sealed envelope to the SPC Clerk 23 Tennyson Road, Dursley, Glos, GL11 4PZ.

Award Detail

1 Ap Transport (Cirencester)
  • Value: £30,000

CPV Codes

  • 45213312 - Car park building construction work
  • 45223300 - Parking lot construction work
  • 45233120 - Road construction works
  • 45233161 - Footpath construction work
  • 45233210 - Surface work for highways
  • 45233229 - Verge maintenance work
  • 45233250 - Surfacing work except for roads


  • Contract is suitable for SMEs.

Other Information

There will be no extension of the deadline. All tenders are to be sent in a sealed envelope to the Parish Clerk: Mrs Helen Dunn, marked 'Patch Parking Project' Deadline for receipt of tenders: Sunday 6th January 2019 Car Park Car Park x 3 plans.pdf Car Park Car Park specification.pdf Verge Parking Verge Parking Drawing 1 -Aerial Overview.pdf Verge Parking Verge Parking Drawing 1A - Existing arrangements Plan.pdf Verge Parking Vereg Parking Drawing 2 -New Plan arrangement to scale.pdf Verge Parking Verge Parking Drawing 3 -New Corner Gate & Stile.pdf Verge Parking Verge Parking Drawing 4 - New Section arrangement.pdf Verge Parking Verge Parking Specification notes - Drawing Nov. 2018.pdf