NRW Next Generation Consultancy Services Framework Agreement 2021-2024

A Modification Notice

Contract (Services)
3 year
15 Sep 2023
To 01 Mar 2027 (est.)



Provision of consultancy services as detailed in the specification of the tender documentation

Geochart for 2 buyers and 2 suppliers

2 buyers

2 suppliers


NRW undertakes a diverse range of civil engineering works across its various functions. Our design and construction works include, but are not limited to, the following: - Flood risk management capital schemes and capital maintenance/repair of flood defence structures on main rivers and coastal areas. - Reservoirs Act (1975) compliance projects. - Hydrometric and telemetry assets construction and capital maintenance/repair. - Habitat management and creation and environmental land and water remediation. - Fish passage improvements. - Major estates infrastructure (e.g. bridges). Scope of Work You shall have proven ability in the modelling, appraisal and design of water industry civil engineering projects with attendant requirements, such as: - Flood embankments constructed of earthworks, rock armouring and geotextile materials; - Flood walls constructed of reinforced concrete, steel sheet-piling, and precast and pre-fabricated materials; - Flood defence and drainage structures that house pumping stations, penstocks, valves and trash screens; - Water retention structures and reservoirs, requiring compliance with the Reservoirs Act; - In river flow measurement structures, such as weirs plus attendant gauging huts and other structures; - In river fish passage structures; - Features to manage and create a range of habitats; - Infrastructure such as simple bridges; - Co-ordination with external parties and landowners, including obtaining consents and permissions. You shall have personnel at appropriate levels within your organisation who are qualified members of relevant professional organisations. You will provide the following services under the framework: - Undertake project feasibility and other studies; - Mapping and hydraulic modelling: of varying scales (local, catchment and national) and flood risk sources (coastal, fluvial and surface water); reservoir flood study; flood consequences assessment; software expertise (eg FEH methodologies, 1D, 2D, coupled 1D/2D) and innovation; hydrological modelling and analysis; optioneering; - Geotechnical advice and assessment; - Prepare business cases in line with current guidance and best-practice; - Economic assessment (calculation of benefits and cost estimates); - Design civil engineering, structural engineering, MEICA and associated works for construction; - Undertake various surveys, investigations and assessments (such as topographic surveys, bathymetric surveys, diving surveys, services surveys, asset inspections and assessments, ecological surveys, arboricultural surveys) to inform project scoping and design and to manage risks; - Principal Designer and Designer roles under the CDM Regulations (2015); - Environmental assessment, including legislative compliance (eg Environmental Impact Assessment, Habitats Regulations Assessment, Water Framework Directive) advice, and mitigation and enhancement opportunity identification; - Ecology advice, including surveys and assessments; - Landscape advice, including surveys and assessments; - Archaeological and heritage advice, including surveys and assessments; - Geomorphology advice, including surveys and assessments; - Advice on project sustainability and the sustainable management of natural resources; - Advice on planning, consenting and permissions; - Consultation and engagement; - Project management and technical/engineering staff for secondments; - Environmental clerk of works, landscape clerk of works and archaeological clerk of works during construction.

Ammendments to Previous Notice

2. Contract value

GBP 7,500,000 11,250,000

Award Detail

1 Ove Arup & Partners (Cardiff)
  • NRW Next Generation Consultancy Services Framework Agreement 2021-2024
  • Reference: 83943
  • Value: £7,500,000 [share]
  • Awarded to group of suppliers.
2 Black & Veatch (Redhill)
  • NRW Next Generation Consultancy Services Framework Agreement 2021-2024
  • Reference: 83943
  • Value: £7,500,000 [share]
  • Awarded to group of suppliers.

CPV Codes

  • 71311000 - Civil engineering consultancy services
  • 71311100 - Civil engineering support services
  • 71310000 - Consultative engineering and construction services
  • 71312000 - Structural engineering consultancy services
  • 71242000 - Project and design preparation, estimation of costs
  • 71320000 - Engineering design services


  • Contract modified due to unforeseen circumstances.

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