Financial administration and management of Scottish Government heat and energy efficiency grant and loan schemes

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Contract (Services)
3 year (est.)
02 Oct 2023
01 Dec 2023 to 30 Nov 2026 (est.)




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The Scottish Government is seeking a service provider to undertake the financial administration and management of a number of its heat and energy efficiency loan and grant schemes

Total Quantity or Scope

The Scottish Government is seeking a suitably qualified and experienced Service Provider to undertake the financial administration and management of a number of the Purchaser’s loan and grant schemes, as described herein. The required services include the processing of, and decision-making on, applications for those loan and grant schemes that are open during the course of the contract. It also includes the associated administration of loan and grant payments and repayments, including the repayment of outstanding loans from loan schemes which are either closed at contract start date or which close to new applications during the course of the contract. The Contract has a maximum value of 61.5 million GBP if all extension options are taken up. It should be noted, however, that contract value is a function of demand, and that total demand cannot be accurately forecast The purchaser is unable to provide any guarantee relating to application volumes but expects application volumes in year 1 of the contract across all live schemes to potentially range between 10,000 – 15,000, whilst applications in a potential year 5 of the contract have the potential to exceed 25,000.

Award Detail

1 Energy Saving Trust (Edinburgh)
  • Reference: 593743
  • Num offers: 2
  • Value: £61,500,000
  • Subcontracting opportunities are expected.

Renewal Options

This contract can be extended for a further 24 months optional extensions to be taken up at Scottish Ministers discretion

Award Criteria

Service Delivery 35.0
Management Staffing and Resourcing 10.0
Service Management 30.0
Climate Change 5.0
Community Benefits 5.0
Fairwork First 5.0
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery 5.0
Cyber Security 5.0
PRICE 30.0

CPV Codes

  • 71314300 - Energy-efficiency consultancy services
  • 66172000 - Financial transaction processing and clearing-house services
  • 66190000 - Loan brokerage services
  • 79940000 - Collection agency services


  • Options are available.
  • Award on basis of price.

Other Information

Cyber Security will be scored on a 0-4 basis Tenderers must score a minimum moderated average of 2 to be taken forward to price quality ratio. Tenderers must be Financial Authority Conduct registered at the time of contract award SPD will be scored on a pass/fail basis. The contract award criteria will be Price 30%/Quality 70 %. Question Scoring Methodology for Award Criteria outlined in invitation to tender: 0 — Unacceptable. Nil or inadequate response. Fails to demonstrate an ability to meet the requirement. 1 — Poor. Response is partially relevant but generally poor. The response addresses some elements of the requirement but contains insufficient/limited detail or explanation to demonstrate how the requirement will be fulfilled. 2 — Acceptable. Response is relevant and acceptable. The response addresses a broad understanding of the requirement but may lack details on how the requirement will be fulfilled in certain areas. 3 — Good. Response is relevant and good. The response is sufficiently detailed to demonstrate a good understanding and provides details on how the requirements will be fulfilled. 4 — Excellent. Response is completely relevant and excellent overall. Bidders must complete the SPD (Scotland) to demonstrate adherence to the Exclusion and Selection Criteria for this procurement. If there are named subcontractors/technicians upon which the bidder will rely to meet the selection criteria,these named parties must complete and reattach the SPD Supplier Response Form attached to SPD questions 2C.1.1 (Technicians) and 2D.1.2 (Subcontractors) on PCS-T. These parties must complete the first three sections of the SPD form, as well as any part of the section 4 selection criteria that the main bidder will rely upon the parties to fulfil. If parties have not yet been identified, this information may be required at a later date. Scottish Government reserves the right to request this information from relevant parties upon whom the main bidder will not rely to fulfil selection criteria. 4C.10 Bidders will be required to confirm whether they intend to sub-contract and if so, for what proportion of the contract. (SC Ref:741413)