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20 year
03 Oct 2023
To 14 Nov 2043 (est.)
14 Nov 2023 12:00



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The train dispatch system (TDS) is a novel combination of platform CCTV and safety software with a bespoke user interface. TDS is a network of cameras linked to central control rooms that will monitor the 400 - metre long platforms to ensure that passengers have safely entered the trains before the signal is given to close the doors and leave the station. The train dispatch system will be built into each of the new stations on the HS2 Project. The value of the contracts is estimated to be £58m for Phase 1 and up to £84m when including Phase 2b and Gap Detection. Further information is shown in the Further Package Particulars.

Total Quantity or Scope

This notice relates to the procurement of the Train Dispatch System (TDS) across High Speed Two (HS2) Limited’s (HS2) Phase One stations, to be constructed at London Euston, Old Oak Common, Birmingham and Interchange and HS2’s Phase 2b stations at Manchester Airport and Manchester Piccadilly. The contract scope will be split into stages. The initial stage of works will comprise of Old Oak Common, Birmingham and Interchange stations. Scope for work at London Euston, Manchester Airport and Manchester Piccadilly is subject to the issue by HS2 Ltd of notices to proceed. Additionally, the Parliamentary process applicable to Phase 2b is still to be concluded and is subject to achieving Royal Assent. There is optional scope for the inclusion of Gap Monitoring across all stations. HS2 will enter into two contracts simultaneously: (i) A Design and Build Contract for the design, software development, prototyping, factory testing, integration testing, installation, static and dynamic testing and commissioning of the TDS. (ii) A Technical Support Contract to undertake technical support, install system upgrades, and undertake asset inspection or maintenance of each section after Completion under the Design and Build Contract. Further information on the Contracts is included in the Pre-Qualification Pack made available on the HS2 eSourcing portal noted above (PQP). HS2 Ltd reserves the right to omit and/or vary the scope of the Contracts.

Renewal Options

Applicants should be aware that HS2 Ltd reserves the right to omit and/or vary the scope of the Contracts. The requirements with respect to the optional element of scope noted above (Gap Monitoring) are not yet sufficiently defined and therefore have not been included in the scope at contract award, but will be detailed as optional scope in the contractual documentation.

CPV Codes

  • 45000000 - Construction work
  • 32000000 - Radio, television, communication, telecommunication and related equipment
  • 32235000 - Closed-circuit surveillance system
  • 32323500 - Video-surveillance system
  • 34632000 - Railways traffic-control equipment
  • 34632200 - Electrical signalling equipment for railways
  • 34632300 - Electrical installations for railways
  • 34940000 - Railway equipment
  • 34942000 - Signalling equipment
  • 35120000 - Surveillance and security systems and devices
  • 42961400 - Dispatch system
  • 45234100 - Railway construction works
  • 45234115 - Railway signalling works
  • 45314300 - Installation of cable infrastructure
  • 48140000 - Railway traffic control software package
  • 48150000 - Industrial control software package
  • 48151000 - Computer control system
  • 50200000 - Repair, maintenance and associated services related to aircraft, railways, roads and marine equipment
  • 51100000 - Installation services of electrical and mechanical equipment
  • 63711000 - Support services for railway transport
  • 71320000 - Engineering design services
  • 71334000 - Mechanical and electrical engineering services
  • 72212140 - Railway traffic control software development services


  • Bids should cover the whole contract.
  • Options are available.
  • Renewals are not available.
  • Financial restrictions apply.
  • Performance considerations apply.
  • Professional qualifications are sought.
  • Staff qualifications are relevant.
  • Award on basis of price and quality.

Other Information

Applicants are referred to VI.3) Additional information in this Contract Notice below. 1) Terms with an initial capital in this Contract Notice and the PQP are defined in the PQP Manual, Appendix 4 Glossary. 2) To express interest in this procurement, Applicants must submit a PQ Application on the HS2 eSourcing portal by the PQ Application Deadline. 3) An Applicant may be a single organisation or a Consortium. An Applicant may only submit one PQ Application. An economic operator may not apply as more than one Applicant, whether as a single Applicant or as a Party to one or more Consortia. See PQP (PQP Manual section 2). 4) Applicants must be registered on the HS2 eSourcing portal: https://hs2.bravosolution.co.uk. For assistance contact the BravoSolution helpdesk Monday to Friday (8:00-18:00) GMT: Email help_uk@jaggaer.com or Telephone +44 8000698630. 5) While these contracts are categorised as Works contracts for the purposes of this Notice, their scope also contains significant elements of supplies and services as set out in the PQP. 6) Section I.1 (Contracting Entity): This Contract Notice is published by HS2 Ltd on behalf of itself and any successor to HS2 Ltd assuming HS2 Ltd's functions (in whole or in part) relevant to the Contracts (Contracting Bodies). 7) Section II.2.6) (Estimated value): Further information on the estimated value is included in the PQP (Further Package Particulars). 8) Section II.2.7) (Duration of the Contracts): timescales in this Contract Notice are estimated based on the current HS2 programme but may be subject to change. See also II.2.11. 9) Section IV.1.1) (Type of procedure): HS2 Ltd is procuring Contracts using the negotiated procedure with prior call for competition (UCR 2016, reg. 47). As stated in the PQP (Applicant’s Guide), HS2 Ltd reserves the right not to conduct negotiations. 10) A response to this Contract Notice does not guarantee that an Applicant will be invited to tender. The award process may be terminated or suspended at any time without cost or liability to HS2 Ltd. HS2 Ltd does not bind itself to enter into any Contract arising out of the procedure envisaged by this Contract Notice. No contractual rights express or implied arise out of this Contract Notice. HS2 Ltd reserves the right to vary its requirements and the procedure for the award of the Contracts envisaged in this Contract Notice. HS2 Ltd reserves the right to disqualify any Applicants on terms set out in the PQP. 11) Applicants/Tenderers shall be solely responsible and liable for all costs associated with and arising out of or in connection with responding to this Contract Notice. 12) Applicants must allow sufficient time for uploading their full PQ Applications and tenders. HS2 Ltd reserves the right to reject any PQ Application or tender that is not submitted in full before the relevant submission deadline.