TC1180 - Wythenshawe Civic Development Partner and Joint Venture Asset Manager Partner

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15 year
06 Oct 2023
To 21 Aug 2038 (est.)
08 Nov 2023 17:00



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The Council wish to drive regeneration across Wythenshawe Civic by creating a vibrant and high-quality neighbourhood. The Council are seeking to appoint a partner to realise this vision by aiding in the design, delivery and funding of at least 1,600 residential dwellings across Wythenshawe Civic as well as revitalising the Civic Shopping Centre. This is a significant opportunity to invest in a large, well-connected area of South Manchester.

Total Quantity or Scope

Further details are set out in the procurement documents. Manchester City Council intend to enter into a JV with the preferred partner on the Civic Shopping Centre, whilst simultaneously entering into a Development Partnership Umbrella Agreement (DPUA) for the “opportunity” areas. The structure will allow the partner to take a joint ownership of the shopping centre in order to implement suitable asset management strategies, whilst also providing the opportunity for future development of the “opportunity” areas under the Development Partner Umbrella Agreement document. Additional information: The Council is using the e-business portal known as the Chest. Applicants will need to register their details at the following link Applicants will need to electronically submit their completed Request to Participate documents, including standard selection questionnaire, via the on-line portal by 5pm on 8th November2023 referred to in IV.2.2.

CPV Codes

  • 45000000 - Construction work
  • 70330000 - Property management services of real estate on a fee or contract basis
  • 71540000 - Construction management services


  • This is a one-off contract (no recurrence)
  • Renewals are not available.

Other Information

** PREVIEW NOTICE, please check Find a Tender for full details. ** Manchester City Council’s (“the Council”) mission is to make Manchester a healthy, green, socially just city where everyone can thrive. This long-term regeneration project for Wythenshawe Civic Centre will contribute to this aim by creating an improved environment and better connectivity into the new and existing communities. Manchester city centre has experienced rapid growth in the past 20 years with major transformational projects occurring throughout the city centre. … Wythenshawe is the southernmost district in Manchester. It is a uniquely placed area of Manchester, situated approximately 6.5 miles to the south of Manchester city centre and 1 mile to the north of Manchester Airport. The Civic Centre is within the Woodhouse Park ward, a small area of the wider Wythenshawe suburb. Today, the Civic Shopping Centre performs strongly with approximately 85% of the retail accommodation tenanted and anchored by a number of national retailers with the average weekly footfalls of over 100,000 shoppers. The Council are seeking to appoint a preferred partner to enter into a Joint Venture (JV) arrangement which will involve a special purpose vehicle for the Civic Shopping Centre The preferred partner will be able to identify and deliver opportunities to revitalise the property. It is anticipated that a mix of short term projects to change the perceptions of the area and more ambitious longer term proposals will be supported. The JV partner will be expected to provide the following services: • Asset Management incluidng but not limited to business planning, operational and capital expenditure, property manager liaision, letting agent liaison, Placemaking and Meanwhile use advice. • Development Management including but not limited to business planning, planning advice, development appraisals and cashflows, contractor selection and procurement advice. The Council intend to secure a DPUA for the Opportunity Areas. In total across the Opportunity Areas there is an indicative capacity for at least 1,600 dwellings. The proposals will need to be aligned with the key objectives outlined below, providing high quality residential accommodation to attract new residents into the area. The preferred partner will catalyse the wider vision by initially innovative solutions to revitalise the Civic Shopping Centre, and will subsequently bring transformational change to Wythenshawe Civic by bringing their expertise to design, fund and deliver at least 1,600 residential dwellings. The vast majority of “new” development is to take place on the “Opportunity Areas” surrounding the Shopping Centre, drawing down and delivering development on the following key opportunity sites: • Former Shell HQ • Former Bus Station • Brotherton House • Former Barclays Data Centre • Forum Car Park • Alpha and Centron House • Former Gala Bingo The Council have outlined the following key objectives that they wish to achieve across Wythenshawe Civic: • Regenerating Wythenshawe Civic – The Council are aiming to establish Wythenshawe Civic as a vibrant neighbourhood within Manchester. This will be achieved through the development of high quality housing to attract new residents and realistic interventions across the Civic Shopping Centre to change perceptions. The proposals should create a night time economy and benefit the local community and improve the infrastructure and connectivity through a comprehensive approach. • Diversifying the Civic – The Council has ambitions to diversify the centre’s current offer whilst retaining the current uses which remain popular with residents and visitors. Diversification of the existing offer will futureproof the commercial centre, which is currently one dimensional. This will tie into ambitions around the creation of a night time economy, a wider leisure/F+B offer, together with cultural facilities. • Policy Compliant Level of Affordable Housing – There is a requirement (Policy H8) of the Manchester Core Strategy for 20% affordable housing (5% affordable rented and 15% intermediate housing) to be delivered on-site and for Section 106 Contributions to be payable for items such as Public Open Space, Education, Public Transport and Highways. The Council require any residential development to deliver a policy compliant level of affordable housing on-site as a minimum. • Zero Carbon Manchester – The Council have a target to become a zero carbon city by 2038, 12 years ahead of the Government’s target for the UK of 2050. Where possible the re-use of existing building stock will be prioritised, lowering the embodied carbon for these developments. Passivhaus environmental standards should be considered. • Social Value Deliverables – Wythenshawe Civic is the heart of Wythenshawe that is home to 70,000 people. Development proposals should aim to create stronger communities and improve the quality of life of existing residents. This includes a significant focus on consultation with residents, stakeholders, the third sector and health sector to create a healthy, liveable neighbourhood that benefits all people. • Digital Strategy and Futureproofing – Manchester is home to a vibrant digital sector that plays an important role in the success of the city. Development proposals will need to align with the Digital Strategy that is structured under four themes: Smart People, Digital Places, Future Prosperity and Sustainable Resilience. The proposed developments will look to future-proof the Civic Centre for generations to come through the use of smart technologies and innovation. • Land Receipt – The Council aim to secure a return on their investment to reflect the capital and resources they already have and will continue to commit to achieve the transformational regeneration of Wythenshawe Civic. The Council is using the e-business portal known as the Chest. Applicants will need to register their details at the following link . Once registered, applicants will be emailed a log-in and password which will allow them to gain access to the documentation relating to this opportunity. Applicants will need to electronically submit their completed Request to Participate documents, including the standard selection questionnaire, via the on-line portal by 11am on 26th July 2023 as referred to in IV.2.2. Any clarification queries must also be submitted via the Chest website by the date referred to in the tender documentation. The contract will be for [15] years, expected to commence [June] 2024 The successful contractor will be required to actively participate in the economic and social regeneration of the locality of, and surroundings of, the place of delivery of the contract. Therefore, selection and award criteria, specification requirements and contract performance conditions may relate in particular to social and environmental considerations as relevant to the subject matter of this project. The Council reserves the right not to award the contract, as a result of this Contract Notice. The Council shall not be liable for any costs or expenses incurred by any organisation in responding to this notice or in tendering for the proposed contract. All submissions must be in English, with any clarifications or discussions conducted in English. Tenders and supporting documents must be priced in pounds sterling and all payments under the proposed contract will be made in pounds sterling.