London Victims and Witness Service - Central Referral Mechanism and Universal Support for Adult Victims of Crime

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4 year
24 Oct 2023
01 Apr 2024 to 31 Mar 2028
12 Dec 2023 15:00




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The procurement of a central referral mechanism and support service for adult victims of crime.

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Since 2019, MOPAC has commissioned the London Victim and Witness Service (LVWS) that provides support for victims and witnesses of crime. The current LVWS contract comes to an end on 30th September 2024. The Police and Crime Plan 2022-25 strengthens the commitment made to improve support for victims with a focus on: Improving the service and support that victims receive from the MPS, support services and the CJS, including in online interaction; Victims receiving a better criminal justice response and outcome; Reducing the number of repeat victims of domestic abuse, sexual violence and stalking. MOPAC wants to work with providers to develop an Ecosystem of support services across London. The Ecosystem will champion trusted relationships and collaboration across services, whilst providing the necessary balance of specialist and by and for provision alongside robust and resilient pan-London services to effectively support victims from London's diverse communities. The services will be expected to deliver an agreed set of outcomes and share knowledge, skills and capabilities to support its continuous development and efficiency. MOPAC and partners within the Ecosystem will work closely with the Metropolitan Police Service on the development of a Victim Care Hub, to improve victims' experience of the Criminal Justice System (CJS). To form this Ecosystem, MOPAC will be looking to commission the following four services through a series of separate tenders: 1/ Central referral mechanism and support service for adult victims 2/ Specialist service for victims of domestic abuse 3/ Specialist service for young victims 4/ Specialist restorative justice services This notice is concerned with providing Central referral mechanism and support service for adult victims At a minimum, this service will be expected to deliver the following: Maintain referral mechanisms from the Police on behalf of the Ecosystem to ensure victims eligible for specialist support are passed to the correct services in a timely manner Assessment the needs of adult victims of crime Provide a range of practical and emotional support to adult victims of crime Work with partners across the Ecosystem to develop innovative ways to deliver better outcomes Maintenance of the LVWS website and service directory Pre-trial information and support for all witnesses attending court, including defence witnesses Stand up a response, in concert with relevant agencies, following any major crime incidents Adapt to changing requirements including need and demand for services and changes to the CJS.

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  • 85000000 - Health and social work services


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MOPAC are following the light touch procedure (set out in Section 7 of the PCR 2015) and using a process which broadly follows the Competitive Procedure with Negotiation. Any communications should be directed to Amanda Fearing, Senior Procurement Manager.