Access & Insulation Services 2024-2028

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25 Oct 2023
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Services will be performed across the whole Magnox Ltd estate and Include Dounreay and transferring EDF AGR sites (Hunterston B and Hinkley Point B)

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Magnox is undertaking market engagement for the Next generation Access & Insulation (A&I) Servicesframework procurement up until release of the Contract Notice.Organisations are invited to submit responses via Sellafield’s ATAMIS system to the “Lines ofEnquiry” set out in Appendix A.Tenderers must register their interest, obtain further information for this notice and submittheir response via the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and Sellafield Ltd.'s E Procurement system, Atamis. This can be found at the following address: registration of your company is achieved by using the above site and then clicking on"Register Here". The Access & Insulation Services 2024-2028 – Prior Information Notice can befound within reference C15381.

Total Quantity or Scope

Access & Insulation Services provide key support activities to the effective management and maintenance of the Magnox Ltd assets and in support of project delivery. Access services include the Provision of all access requirements to enable Magnox Ltd site and programme staff and Suppliers to gain access to various locations at each of their facilities for the purposes of modification, maintenance and inspection works on items of plant, equipment and buildings.Insulation Services include the removal of any asbestos containing materials including thermal insulation (the methods employed will be varied and will include traditional methods and complete asbestos coated component removal, re-application of insulation as required and removal of wastes (hazardous and non-hazardous).Additional service will also be required in the provision of industrial support services to include but not limited to: crane & equipment hire, industrial coating and painting, building cladding and minor civil works.It is anticipated that the contract will be placed as a 4 year Framework with the services being split into 2 separate lots based on geographical split of Magnox Sites based on a Northern-Eastern Lot and A South-Southwest Lot.

CPV Codes

  • 45262100 - Scaffolding work
  • 90650000 - Asbestos removal services
  • 44212315 - Equipment for scaffolding
  • 45200000 - Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work
  • 45261410 - Roof insulation work
  • 45262120 - Scaffolding erection work
  • 45320000 - Insulation work
  • 45262110 - Scaffolding dismantling work
  • 45262650 - Cladding works
  • 45321000 - Thermal insulation work
  • 45442120 - Painting and protective-coating work of structures
  • 44212310 - Scaffolding


Other Information

During the execution of this proposed contract Magnox will take on responsibility for decommissioning Dounreay Site, where their current contract for similar services completes in 2026. In addition to this decommissioning of EDF AGR sites including Hunterston B and Hinkley Point B will become the responsibility of Magnox Ltd, these sites are programmed to transfer in Aug 2026 and Feb 2027 respectively. Additional CPV Codes will include:44212315 - Equipment for scaffolding45200000 - Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work45261410 - Roof insulation work45262110 - Scaffolding dismantling work45262120 - Scaffolding erection work45262650 - Cladding works45320000 - Insulation work45321000 - Thermal insulation work45442120 - Painting and protective-coating work of structures44212310 - Scaffolding