NHS Devon - Provision of a Safe Bus for Plymouth City Centre and Torquay Town Centre

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2 year
25 Oct 2023
01 Apr 2024 to 31 Mar 2026
24 Nov 2023 17:00



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NHS Devon ICB has successfully run the Safe Bus in Plymouth City and Torquay Town center to support people and providers within the nighttime economy, with the aim of reducing ambulance and Emergency Department (ED) attendances. To support the continued pressure on the health system and to support the nighttime economy the service is commissioned to operate 2200-0400 during nights of high footfall to ensure maximum impact. During the operational months (23/04/22 - 05/08/23) the Safe Bus in Plymouth has dealt with 482 patients over 84 deployments, with only a 9% onward referral to ED. In Plymouth the Safe Bus has been run on consistently on Saturday nights with additional deployments on night which are anticipated to be busy in the NTE, such as the world cup, freshers week, Halloween etc. A night bus / safe space pilot has been running in Torquay since July 2023 to test the need and meet seasonal demand. During the first 6 nights (July 2023), the team had 41 medical and welfare contacts and the service avoided 11 ambulances and 17 attendances at ED.

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