Buckinghamshire Highways Framework Two - Highways Major Works

A Contract Award Notice

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Framework (Works)
4 year
27 Oct 2023
01 Apr 2023 to 31 Mar 2027
11 Jul 2022 11:00



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This Notice relates to Buckinghamshire Highways Framework Two - Major Works.\r \r Buckinghamshire Council (the Council) is the Highway Authority responsible for maintaining the highway network in Buckinghamshire.\r \r The Council's current integrated services contract is due to expire on 31 March 2023 and therefore the Council is commencing the procurement of its replacement service provision.\r \r Following a fundamental review and wide consultation, the Council has identified a new service delivery model. The new model includes a Term Maintenance Contract and a Term Consultancy Contract (both currently in live procurement) and two separate multi-supplier frameworks:\r Buckinghamshire Highways Framework One - Minor Works; and\r Buckinghamshire Highways Framework Two - Major Works\r \r This Notice relates to Framework Two - Major Works only ("the Framework Agreement").\r \r There is also a procurement commencing for Framework One - Minor Works under a different contract notice (DN612194), and economic operators interested in applying for Framework Two must refer to that contract notice for details of how to express an interest.\r \r This framework will run for a four (4)-year duration although the Council reserves the right (subject to the procurement regime at the time) to extend this period by any period or periods up to a further four (4) years.\r \r The Council intends that the successful Tenderers will form part of an alliance arrangement between the Council and one or more of the other highways contractors appointed by the Council as set out above.\r Further details of the proposed works and services forming the scope of the Framework Agreement and its commercial terms (and those of the call-off contracts governing the works packages) are set out in the procurement documents, and full details will appear in the tender documentation accompanying the invitation to tender (ITT).\r \r It is intended that the Council will award work under the Framework Agreement using a combination of direct award and mini-competition and will choose between these methods based on objective criteria which will appear in full in the Framework Agreement, along with:\r

Award Detail

1 Balfour Beatty Living Places (Langley)
  • Value: £32,000,000
2 Keltbray Highways (Esher)
  • Value: £32,000,000
3 Tilbury Douglas Construction (London)
  • Value: £32,000,000

CPV Codes

  • 45233000 - Construction, foundation and surface works for highways, roads
  • 50230000 - Repair, maintenance and associated services related to roads and other equipment

Other Information

• the objective criteria which, in the case of a direct award will determine to which supplier the works package will be awarded, and\r • in the case of a mini-competition, the procedure and criteria to be used to select the supplier who will be awarded the works package.\r \r The Council further reserves the right to issue "time charge orders" under the Framework Agreement in respect of feasibility, scoping or other initial services, as set out in the procurement documents.\r 1. To express interest in the Framework Agreement, Applicants must complete and submit the SQ through the Portal no later than the closing date provided. Please note that Applicants must allow sufficient time to upload their SQ Responses as the Council is under no obligation to consider SQ Responses submitted after that deadline. 2. In order to submit an SQ Response, Applicants must register on the Buckinghamshire Business Portal if they have not already done so. 3. For technical assistance relating to the Buckinghamshire Business Portal, please contact 0330 005 0352. 4. An Applicant may be a single organisation or a consortium. In addition, Applicants may be entitled to rely on third parties in order to achieve the minimum standards set out in the SQ Guidance. Applicants are referred to the SQ Guidance for requirements that apply in these cases. 5. All financial values in this Notice are estimated and may be subject to change. The estimated total value of work of the Framework Agreement stated in this Notice are stated in prices current at the date of this Notice and do not take into account the impact of any indexation or inflationary increases over the term of the Framework Agreement. 6. In relation to the estimated total value, this is the minimum value. The estimated total value is a range from 32,000,000 to 50,000,000 GBP and this has been calculated using historical figures providing an average of 8,000,000 GBP per annum over the full 4 year term. 7. Applicants are also referred to the procurement documents for further details about the likely values of work under the Framework Agreement and in particular, that given its nature as a Framework Agreement there will be no guarantee that any supplier will be awarded any particular volume or value of work during the term of the Framework Agreement. 8. All dates set out in this Notice are based on the Council's current procurement programme which it reserves the right to change and update at any stage during the procurement. Such dates may therefore change. 9. A response to this Notice does not guarantee that an Applicant will be invited to tender. The Council is not bound to enter into any contract arising out of the procedures envisaged by this Notice and may vary its requirements or procedure at any time. The Council reserves the right to abandon, delay or postpone this procurement at any time. Applicants are referred to the SQ Guidance for full instructions and conditions of participation in this procurement. 10. Applicants will be solely responsible and liable for all costs associated and arising out of or in connection with responding to this Notice and the SQ and with submitting any tender, howsoever such costs are incurred.