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1 year
05 Dec 2023
To 27 Mar 2025 (est.)
08 Jan 2024 12:00




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The City of London Police is looking to undertake a tender as part of the NPCC Cybercrime Programme: Darkweb Intelligence Tool SaaS.

Total Quantity or Scope

The City of London Police is looking to conduct a tender as part of the NPCC Cybercrime Programme for a Darkweb Intelligence Tool software as a service (SaaS) to be used throughout the UK by police forces, ROCUs (Regional Organised Crime Units), the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) as well as other law enforcement agencies. The City of London Police (COLP) is the police force that hosts the NPCC Cybercrime Programme. The NPCC Cybercrime Programme is the national strategic lead in policing for Cybercrime, led by Commissioner Angela McLaren of City of London Police. The Cybercrime Programme has led in this area since 2018 and has delivered significant strategic and operational goals. In many areas, the Cybercrime Programme has delivered world leading initiatives and our approach over previous years has resulted in significant operational success, both in terms of successful criminal convictions, but also our ability to disrupt and tackle sophisticated, financially motivated cyber criminals. The Darkweb Intelligence tool will provide an increased level of investigative capability across the wider network by providing Darkweb investigators with current data collections (eg: web scraped) from open, deep and Darkweb sources (including other sources such as leaked forums). Provide a user friendly web based interface for the management of cases, and to access and utilise all investigative features, such as searching, tagging, reporting. This includes advanced features that enable a granular focus the data (such as timeline filtering) or the real-time monitoring of specific artefacts / keywords. The initial duration of the contract is 1 year, subject to the right of the City (at its sole discretion) to exercise its right to extend the term of the contract for up to two additional periods of one year in line with the published Terms and Conditions and subject to funding. Therefore, the total potential duration of the contract, including extensions, is 3 years. The City reserves the right to vary the term of the contract further in line with the published Terms and Conditions. The City of London Police will require bidders to complete a Non-Disclosure Agreement before releasing confidential information relating to the tender. Provide direct interoperability with existing blockchain intelligence tools. Please note that the contract value is up to £500,000 per annum in line with the published Tender Documents and the published Terms & Conditions.

CPV Codes

  • 48000000 - Software package and information systems
  • 48100000 - Industry specific software package
  • 48441000 - Financial analysis software package
  • 48461000 - Analytical or scientific software package
  • 48482000 - Business intelligence software package
  • 72212100 - Industry specific software development services
  • 72212217 - Transaction-processing software development services
  • 72212461 - Analytical or scientific software development services
  • 72212463 - Statistical software development services
  • 72212482 - Business intelligence software development services


  • Bids should cover the whole contract.
  • Renewals are not available.
  • Award on basis of price and quality.

Other Information

Please note that the contract value is up to £500,000 per annum and the value advertised is the total potential value for both the initial term and any subsequent terms , in line with the published Tender Documents and the published Terms & Conditions. Please note that this procurement process is being undertaken using the electronic tendering system ‘CapitaleSourcing’ (url: Participants should register as a supplier on the portal using the aforementioned URL/link (if not already), then search for the opportunity titled using the Reference number stated below. The estimated total value of the contract is stated in section II.1.5) of this notice and is exclusive of VAT and for the initial contract duration, including all potential optional requirements as described within the tender documents. The procurement is being run as a one stage process under the open procedure and therefore, if your organisation would like to participate in this tender exercise, it can do so by completing and returning the Qualification Envelope and the Invitation To Tender (ITT) questionnaire which can be found on the City's e-procurement portal at: with the Reference number: prj_COL_23060 or itt_COL_17764. Organisations must submit their completed Qualification Envelope and Invitation to Tender (ITT) questionnaire together with any supporting documents, via the system by the return deadline in order to participate and registration is free. Qualification Envelopes and Invitation to Tender (ITT) questionnaires cannot be uploaded after the return deadline. The contracting authority will not be held accountable for any errors made by an organisation in submitting their applicable Qualification Envelopes and Invitation to Tender (ITT) questionnaires. The contracting authority reserves the right at any time to vary the timescales in this notice, cease the procurement process and not award the agreement or to award only part of the opportunity described in this notice. If the contracting authority takes up any of these rights then it will not be responsible for, or pay the expenses or losses, which may be incurred by any candidate or tenderer as a result. Economic operators are solely responsible for their costs and expenses incurred in connection with the preparation of their tender submissions and all stages throughout the procurement. Under no circumstances will the contracting authority be liable for costs or expense borne by the economic operators. The procurement process that will apply to the requirement is specified in the procurement documents accordingly.