EEM0056 Property Improvements and Decarbonisation Works Framework

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4 year
05 Dec 2023
08 Apr 2024 to 07 Apr 2028
12 Feb 2024 17:00



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Efficiency East Midlands (EEM Ltd) is a procurement consortium which establishes and manages a range of frameworks and DPS agreements. Our membership has now grown to over 335 members including organisations providing services to the whole public sector including housing associations, local authorities, NHS Trusts, Education Providers and Emergency Services. EEM Ltd will be conducting a tender exercise for the renewal of our existing Property Improvement Works Framework (EEM0056) which will expire in 2024 with the inclusion of a lot for Decarbonisation works. The Framework agreement will be for a period of 48 months and is expected to run from 8th April 2024 to 7th April 2028. EEM reserve the right to appoint a maximum of 10 contractors onto each of the workstream and geographical sublots described below. For the avoidance of doubt we reserve the right to appoint up to 60 contractors across the below lots. • Lot 1 - Domestic and Commercial Property Improvement Works (Under £1M) - Midlands - National Coverage • Lot 1 - Domestic and Commercial Property Improvement Works (Over £1M) • Lot 2 - Decarbonisation Works (Domestic and Commercial Properties) - Midlands - National Coverage

CPV Codes

  • 45453100 - Refurbishment work


  • Contract is suitable for SMEs.

Other Information

For further in further information please visit and complete the standard questionnaire and to view the tender documents via Tenderbox access code GQ7Z47A6AS. The call-off contracts to be awarded pursuant to the Framework Agreements to be entered at the conclusion of the procurement exercise begun by publication of the Contract Notice may extend for a duration of up to five years beyond expiry of the four-year term of the Framework Agreements for standard Property Improvement and Decarbonisation projects and for complex Property Improvement and Decarbonisation projects may extend for a duration of up to ten years beyond expiry of the four-year term of the Framework. Complex projects may include but not limited to: - Contracts requiring a longer mobilisation period - Contracts requiring up front investment - Contracts subject to additional upfront funding application requirements or - Contracts involving complex building structures or works including where permitted working times may be required - Contract where on completion of the initial works ongoing monitoring or maintenance may be required - Contracts involving new technologies and where there is an element of some data transfer and monitoring to check on the performance, particularly for energy efficiency measures Please note that the total potential framework value stated within this notice is in relation to the full 4-year framework and takes into consideration the lot structure, length of call off contracts and that the EEM membership may grow over the framework lifetime. Where the contract notice states a maximum of suppliers to be appointed to the framework. EEM reserves the right to appoint less than the number stated. This framework is being procured by Efficiency East Midlands (EEM) on behalf of their members and the other organisations described below as being authorised users. The following contracting authorities will be entitled to agree and award contracts under this Framework Agreement as authorised users: 1) any member of EEM which for the avoidance of doubt currently includes 3 partner consortia - West Works ( Advantage South West ( and South East Consortium ( All full list of current members is available at ( 2) any future member of EEM or our partner consortia and in all cases being an organisation which has applied to join EEM or our partner consortia in accordance with the applicable constitutional documents; 3) An EEM participant being an organisation which is neither a current or EEM member (as defined at 1 above) nor a future member of EEM (as defined at 2 above). Further details regarding the authorised users of this framework can be found in the ITT documents.