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08 Dec 2023
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12 Jan 2024 17:00



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As part of the Team Hypersonics (UK) delivery strategy, the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) intends to establish a multi-supplier Hypersonic Technologies & Capability Development Framework Agreement (the Framework). The aim of the Framework is to accelerate development of the United Kingdom Hypersonic Strike Capability and to provide a route to market for future operational elements of hypersonic and adjacent technologies. The Framework will be used to facilitate collaboration between MoD, industry and academia to accelerate the acquisition of an advanced Hypersonic Strike Capability. The nature of the procurement will involve the provision of services and supplies across 8 (eight) distinct lots. Descriptions of each of the lots are further identified within this notice and the draft Invitation to Tender (ITT) documents, accessible through the Defence Sourcing Portal (DSP). The Framework will be used to appoint suppliers to deliver services and supplies to support the research, development and testing of hypersonic technologies with varying Technical Readiness Levels (TRLs). The maturity of the services and supplies provided under the resulting Call Off contracts will be up to TRL 9. Services and supplies to be procured through the Framework are likely to include, but will not be limited to research, systems, components, technology, the provision of infrastructure, testing and other related expertise and materials across two categories, ‘functional components’ and ‘non-functional components’. Functional components could include liquid propellants, solid propellants, propulsion systems, airframes, flight control computer systems, guidance systems and sensors, communications and data links systems, system and parts integration, physical flight control systems, warheads, power supply and distribution, battery, actuators (fin & thrust control), high temperature materials and seekers. Non-functional components could include test and evaluation, platform integration, academic research, system design authority, modelling and simulation, specialists, integrated solution, thermal management, infrastructure, mission planning, assurance. It is anticipated that the Framework will have a value up to £1bn and will run for up to a 7 (seven) year period. The Framework term will comprise two break points at years 3 (three) and 5 (five) of the Framework, at which point the Authority can decide whether to maintain or terminate the Framework. The Framework is set to allow for discretionary indexation of maximum Framework rates at years 3 (three) and 5 (five), at the Authority’s sole discretion.

Lot Division

1 Design and Integration

Services and supplies relating to: Platform integration, Systems integration and design authority, Thermal management, Infrastructure. A detailed lot description is provided in the ITT documents

2 Modelling, Simulation, Testing and Evaluation

Services and supplies relating to: Modelling & simulation, Mission Planning, Test & Evaluation, Assurance. A detailed lot description is provided in the ITT documents.

3 Airframe and Power Generation

Services and supplies relating to: Airframe, Physical flight control system, High Temp Materials, Power Supply & Distribution. A detailed lot description is provided in the ITT documents.

4 Low TRL / Specialists

Services and supplies relating to: Academic Research, Specialists. A detailed lot description is provided in the ITT documents.

5 Lethal Package

Services and supplies relating to: Warhead, Fuse. A detailed lot description is provided in the ITT documents.

6 Propulsion

Services and supplies relating to: Liquid Propellant, Solid Propellant, Propulsion System. A detailed lot description is provided in the ITT documents.

7 Onboard Computing

Services and supplies relating to: Flight control computer systems, Guidance systems & sensors, Comms & data links systems. A detailed lot description is provided in the ITT documents.

8 Seekers

Services and supplies relating to: Seekers. A detailed lot description is provided in the ITT documents.

CPV Codes

  • 75220000 - Defence services
  • 35600000 - Military aircrafts, missiles and spacecrafts
  • 35620000 - Missiles
  • 35622100 - Air-to-air missiles
  • 35623000 - Cruise missiles
  • 35623100 - Air/ground/sea launched cruise missiles
  • 72227000 - Software integration consultancy services
  • 72228000 - Hardware integration consultancy services
  • 73210000 - Research consultancy services
  • 73300000 - Design and execution of research and development
  • 73410000 - Military research and technology
  • 73420000 - Pre-feasibility study and technological demonstration
  • 73425000 - Development of military aircrafts, missiles and spacecrafts
  • 73430000 - Test and evaluation
  • 73435000 - Test and evaluation of military aircrafts, missiles and spacecrafts


  • Economic restrictions apply.
  • Miscellaneous restrictions apply.
  • The operator's personal situation may be considered.
  • Technical restrictions apply.

Other Information

The Framework will permit the periodic onboarding of new suppliers approximately every 6 to 12 months (from Framework commencement), at the Authority’s sole discretion, and new opportunities to join will be advertised using the Defence Sourcing Portal. Those wishing to join the Framework during the onboarding window will be required to submit a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) and ITT response and will be evaluated on the same basis as the existing suppliers on the Framework. If successful, new suppliers that are onboarded will be awarded a contract for the remaining duration of the 7 (seven) year period. During the onboarding window, existing Framework suppliers on the Framework will not be required to re-tender following their initial appointment, but will be subject to due diligence checks to ensure their ongoing suitability to the framework. During the onboarding window existing Framework suppliers will be able to apply join a new lot and will need to submit a new ITT response for any additional lots which will be evaluated against the same standards as new entrants. Existing Framework suppliers will also be required to confirm whether there have been any changes to their original PQQ response. Onboarding new suppliers throughout the term of the Framework will ensure that it remains relevant in a fast changing political, technological and regulatory landscape. The underlying Framework Terms and Conditions will not be altered as part of the onboarding process described above. Acceptance onto the Framework will be subject to successfully meeting all of the pre-defined criteria and minimum standards stated within the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) and ITT. Both processes (PQQ and ITT) will be undertaken through the DSP. There will be no minimum or maximum number of suppliers per lot. Applicants will need to participate in a “Restricted” procurement process to be awarded a place on the Framework, this will consist of: 1. Applicants will need to submit a response to the PQQ, which is accessible through the DSP, within the time period stated in the tender documents and the cover letter. 2. The Authority will evaluate PQQ responses and determine which Applicants meet the stated evaluation criteria/mandatory minimum requirements stated in the PQQ. 3. Those suppliers who are successful in meeting the mandatory minimum requirements will be invited to the ITT stage, which will be released through the DSP. 4. Applicants will submit a bid response in accordance with the ITT instructions. 5. Any clarifications required will be raised by Bidders and answered by the Authority. 6. The Authority will evaluate responses received in accordance with the instructions stated in the ITT. 7. Bidders who are successful in meeting the stated evaluation criteria in the ITT will be awarded a place on the Framework (subject to approvals and contract signature). Task orders under the Framework will be awarded as Call-Off contracts, either through a Mini-Competition (the default route) between all suppliers on a chosen lot(s), or in certain circumstances, through a Direct Award process. The Authority will reserve the right, at its sole discretion, to Direct Award Framework Tasks to a chosen supplier. Grounds under which the Authority may pursue a Direct Award may include, but are not limited to national security, exclusive rights, urgency, absence of competition, or other grounds that the Authority deems necessitate the Direct Award of a contract. In certain cases, due to the nature of the required supplies and services, Bidders may need to evidence that they meet specified security, nationality and confidentiality requirements and standards. The required suitability/eligibility criteria for a Mini-Competition/Call-Off will be identified, and assessed, either through a sifting process (prior to the release of the Mini-Competition documents), or within the Mini-Competition documents. The Authority shall have sole discretion in determining whether to use a sifting process prior to each Mini-Competition. As per Regulation 6(3A)(b) of Defence and Security Public Contract Regulations 2011 (“DSPCR 2011”), this procurement, and any resulting Call Off contracts, are exempt from the requirements of the DSPCR 2011 and the specified retained EU Law (as defined by Regulation 6(7) of the DSPCR 2011) to protect the UK’s national security interests. By submitting a response to the PQQ you acknowledge that none of the obligations, rights and remedies deriving from the DSPCR and/or from the specified retained EU law apply to this Procurement. The Authority will be holding an optional supplier briefing/launch conference for Applicants on 19/12/2023. The session will be held virtually and will provide an overview of the procurement process with an opportunity to ask questions. If you would like to attend the session, please register for the opportunity on DSP and send a message identifying the proposed attendees (including email address) to the Authority no later than 2pm on 18/12/2023. Please note that the participation will be limited to three attendees per organisation. The Contracting Authority intends to use an e-Tendering system in this procurement exercise, please visit www.contracts.mod.uk for full details and to register your interest in this procurement.