National Flexible Framework for the provision of On-Site Surgical and Medical Capacity Solutions

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Framework (Services)
23.5 month (est.)
27 Dec 2023
To 16 Dec 2025 (est.)




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The NHS is facing a period of intense pressure to reduce waiting lists. Trusts are looking towards innovative solutions to help reduce their referral to treatment times and increase efficiency through better utilisation of their existing facilities. NHS Trusts may find it difficult to meet referral to treatment (RTT) targets due to lack of capacity. Locum staff can fill gaps but Trusts still need to manage the patient pathway which may not be possible outside normal hours (e.g. evenings & weekends). On-site Surgical and Medical Capacity Solutions (sometime known as “Insourcing”) will act in a complementary way to partially or totally manage the Pathway for referred Patients. This Framework Agreement will facilitate maximisation of in-house capacity to a level that the Participating Authorities can reduce the need for additional mobile facilities and outsourcing. At the same time, in-patient and out-patient waiting times will be reduced, referrals will be expedited, service quality will be improved and patient satisfaction will be positively impacted. The Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust’s Commercial Procurement Service seeks to introduce a new, flexible commercial Framework Agreement which will allow UK public bodies to procure on-site surgical and medical capacity solutions. This will enable Participating Authorities to act quickly in realising efficiencies. The services in scope of this procurement process are healthcare services which fall under ‘social and other specific services’ in Section 7 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (‘PCR’) (as amended). In accordance with Regulation 76 PCR, the process is to set up a framework agreement and will follow a procedure similar to the open procedure. However, the Framework Manager and the contracting authorities using the framework are only bound by the parts of the PCR that specifically apply to social and other specific services. For the avoidance of doubt, the rules that apply to the open procedure under Regulation 27 and framework agreements under Regulation 33 do not apply to this procurement. All providers that meet the minimum requirements set out under the procurement process will be appointed to the framework agreement. There will be no maximum number of providers appointed. As previously advertised in Contract Notice 2021/S 000-014621 the Framework will be re-opened to new applicants annually, approximately 90 days before the anniversary of the Framework Commencement Date. Previously appointed Suppliers will NOT be obliged to re-apply on an annual basis. Framework Suppliers appointed on the first anniversary of the Framework Commencement Date will be awarded a Framework Agreement of up to 3 years duration; Framework Suppliers appointed on the second anniversary of the Framework Commencement Date will be awarded a Framework Agreement of up to 2 years duration and Framework Suppliers appointed on the third anniversary of the Framework Commencement Date will be awarded a Framework Agreement of up to 1 year duration. The ITT process will be as described in this document. New appointments to the Framework will commence on each anniversary of the Framework Commencement Date. This ITT concerns the second re-opening of the Framework to new applicants.

Total Quantity or Scope

The overall aims of the Services are to provide NHS Organisations with fully compliant solutions which supplement the delivery of patient care by NHS Organisations in line with the NHS’ core Key Performance Indicators and standards including but not limited to: • A&E 4 hour wait targets; • elective 18 week Referral to Treatment targets; • cancelled procedures targets; • bed availability and utilisation targets; • timely and appropriate diagnostic testing targets; • urgent 2 week GP referral rules for suspected cancer; and • any core targets and standards introduced over the term of this framework. The Services will aim: • To provide high quality support that can be called upon at relatively short notice. • To prevent inappropriate waiting times for patients and assist NHS Organisations in meeting national targets and guidelines. • To enable delivery of a Patient Pathway from referral to treatment that removes unnecessary delay in treatment. • To deliver treatment that is safe and effective in facilities that are owned and operated by an NHS Organisation (that is to deliver an “insourcing” service). • To establish a positive working relationship between an NHS Organisation and the Supplier to facilitate and maximise service delivery, the emphasis being on timely, quality, cost effective, evidence-based care, with appropriate clinical protocols and audit where possible. • To provide medical, nursing or other staff as a part of the Services to perform clinical and support activities, including therapies and administration. • To help Trusts to avoid unnecessary, inappropriate primary and secondary referrals. • To provide tailored audit and review processes with national and locally agreed Key Performance Indicators. The Services will cover the full range of Surgical and Medical specialties and sub-specialities, including but not limited to: • Surgical specialties o Cardiothoracic o General o Neurosurgery o Oral & maxillofacial (including minor oral surgery) o Ophthalmic o Otolaryngology (ENT) o Paediatric o Plastic o Trauma & orthopaedic o Urology o Vascular • Medical specialties o Anaesthesia o Clinical oncology o Clinical radiology o Emergency medicine o Intensive care medicine o Medicine o Acute internal medicine o Allergy o Audiovestibular medicine o Cardiology o Clinical Genetics o Clinical neurophysiology o Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics o Dermatology o Endocrinology and diabetes o Gastroenterology o General internal medicine o Genitourinary medicine o Geriatric medicine o Immunology o Infectious diseases o Medical oncology o Medical ophthalmology o Neurology o Nuclear Medicine o Otolaryngology (ENT) o Palliative medicine o Pharmaceutical medicine o Rehabilitation medicine o Renal medicine o Respiratory medicine o Rheumatology o Sport and exercise medicine o Stroke medicine o Tropical medicine o Obstetrics and gynaecology o Occupational medicine o Ophthalmology o Paediatrics o Paediatric cardiology o Paediatrics o Pathology o Chemical pathology o Haematology o Histopathology o Medical microbiology and virology o Psychiatry o Child and adolescent psychiatry o Forensic psychiatry o General psychiatry o Liaison psychiatry o Medical psychotherapy o Old age psychiatry o Psychiatry of intellectual disability The Supplier will offer managed solutions covering full or partial Patient Pathways (e.g. outpatients, diagnostics, surgery, ward, administration). The extent to which the Supplier manages Patient Pathways will be agreed with the NHS Organisation and described in the Call Off Contract Project Specification. Any prescribing requirement will be agreed with the NHS Organisation and described in the Call Off Contract Specification. The Services may include Patient Pathway management tools, such as digital pathway management and digital triage solutions. The Services may include the sourcing by the Supplier of additional high quality capital equipment and/or infrastructure upgrades.

Award Detail

1 Atlas Diagnostics Solutions (Salford)
  • Num offers: 14
  • Value: £816,000,000
  • Contractor is an SME.
2 RTT Support (London)
  • Num offers: 14
  • Value: £816,000,000
  • Contractor is an SME.

Award Criteria

Project management approach 30.0
Corporate governance 30.0
Clinical governance 30.0
Commercial 10.0

CPV Codes

  • 85111000 - Hospital services


  • Award on basis of price and quality.