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12 Apr 2024
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The requirement of this Contract is the appointment of a contractor to provide for:• Tracking • Remote monitoring• Reporting of pumps, barrier stillages, and other auxiliary equipment. A maximum of 1500 separate pieces of equipment.Contract length will be 8 years, with a maximum of £5.0 million.

Total Quantity or Scope

To summarise, the Contractor is required to maintain a GPS based tracker platform and mobile app, on behalf of the EA, for all suitable equipment. This system should include:• Track all equipment including pump stock, flood barriers and some ancillary equipment• Administration and management of the tracking platform web based and mobile app• A facility to carry out maintenance on tracker system transponders as required• Remote monitoring of pumps• Provide reports showing a wide range of management information• Ensure platform is compatible with EA systems.Detailed specification for tracking and reporting of mobile pumps. We have listed below a list of must have reporting parameters, below and will help us improve our overall efficiency as a team in the way we manage and operate our mobile assets.Therefore, these reporting streams must be acquired to fulfil the following needs:• Current position (real time)• Historical movement reporting• Status (on / off)• Battery level / voltagePump remote monitoring requirement:• Fuel level• Ad blue level (if equipped) • Temperature• Oil pressure• Oil level• Suction pressure• Discharge pressure• Total hours • RPM• Pump operation state (auto / manual)• Autonomous control of the pump• Live view (camera?)• Ability to hold historical data• Asset function alarm notification system• Remote interrogation of issues/HealthCheck reporting• Any possible future technological innovationWe understand that this list of reporting parameters may be limited by the technology available e.g. Tier 3 pumps vs tier 5 pumps, however access to this information would also allow a more structured refuelling/maintenance/diagnosis, regime thus making incidents particularly more carbon efficient.Location tracking of barriers and other auxiliary equipmentThere is a specific requirement to be able to report accurately on the location of Mobile Assets and on other auxiliary equipment e.g. generators, eel strainers, metal stillages, lighting towers etc.• Live location tracking• Detailed mapping • Reporting of movementsTechnology requirement:• It is an essential requirement to be available not only on desktop via PC/Laptop but also on a mobile device via an app or other accessible API. • It is also essential that the raw data from our assets must be owned by the EA and should be in a format that can be shared if we need to, for use with third parties.• There may be a requirement for GPS equipment with a high IP rating due to the nature of some of the mobile asset fleet.

CPV Codes

  • 71700000 - Monitoring and control services
  • 50111100 - Vehicle-fleet management services


Other Information

Please register your interest for the tender by emailing Whilst we are not intending to carry out a RFI at this stage, we would like to gauge the market and should there be sufficient interest, and RFI may be carried out.