The Supply of Arboricultural Works on Trees Affected by Ash Dieback and Other Health Related Issues (DPS) On-Going Application

A Contract Award Notice

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4 year (est.)
23 Apr 2024
To 25 Oct 2028 (est.)




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*****This is a Contract Award Notice for DPS On-going Application for the Supply of Aboricultural Works on Trees Affected by Ash Dieback and Other Health Related Issues***** *****This is NOT an Invitation to Tender***** *****Award for the period: 1st January 2024 to 31st March 2024*****

Total Quantity or Scope

Carmarthenshire County Council (“the Council”) is seeking suitably qualified and experienced Contractors to undertake Ash Dieback and other tree felling works within a Dynamic Purchasing System (“DPS”). At this stage, the Council is considering an initial period of four years which includes the option to extend in one year periods for a further period of up to four years or until the agreement is no longer fit for purpose. Carmarthenshire County Council has the second largest length of highways network in Wales, covering 3,500km of public highway, with 110 schools, some of which contain an extensive number of trees. Also maintained are parks, playgrounds and open spaces. We also maintain land on housing estates and social services establishments, Council owned buildings and leisure centres. The proposed DPS will predominately deal with the removal of Trees infected with Hymenoscyphus fraxineus (Ash Dieback). A survey undertaken in 2019 of the A and B roads in the County identified trees for removal as they are showing more than 50% dieback of the crown. Recent school surveys have highlighted sites that need trees removing. Trees showing at least 50% dieback of the crown during our surveys have been tagged with orange ribbon or marked with orange spray paint. Diseased trees within the highway verge will be removed by the County Council. The Council will also liaise with private landowners and will be offering its services to take down trees adjacent the highway provided they agree to pay the costs for felling and provided it does not impact on the overall programme. Contractors will be asked to identify separate costs where an opportunity exists to work with private landowners.

Award Detail

1 DTS Tree Services (Lampeter)
  • Reference: adb highway package area 1 / adb highway package area 2
  • Num offers: 5
  • Value: £19,050
  • Contractor is an SME.

Award Criteria

Cost 100.0

CPV Codes

  • 77211400 - Tree-cutting services
  • 77211300 - Tree-clearing services
  • 03452000 - Trees
  • 77211500 - Tree-maintenance services


  • Award on basis of price and quality.

Other Information

A Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is a two-stage process. In the initial setup stage, all Bidders who meet the selection criteria and are not excluded will be admitted to the DPS. There is no limit on the number of Bidders that may join a DPS. Individual contracts are awarded during the second stage. In this stage, the Council invites all suppliers on the DPS to bid for the specific contract. ETENDERWALES PORTAL - To assist you in locating these opportunities on eTenderWales Procurement System, the project code is: project_45172. This DPS application is comprised of one main Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) under project_45172. All DPS documents such as the Specification, Terms & Conditions, Instructions to Bidders etc. are all contained within project_45172. Please also ensure you check the attachments area for any documents/ information which may assist you with your submission or you are required to upload as part of your submission as per information contained within the application pack. To express an interest in this DPS register your company on the eSourcing Portal: If you require any further assistance use the online help, or the BravoSolution helpdesk which is available Monday - Friday (8am - 6pm) on: - email: - Phone: 0800 368 4850/ Fax: 020 7080 0480 (WA Ref:140909)