Derbyshire County Council Procurement

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Buyer summary

Over the past year, Derbyshire County Council* has publised 333 public procurement notices. Of these, 186 are tenders and 136 are awards. There are 194 unique titles.

The following chart shows contract value against the date of publication.

(Scatter chart with 333 data points.)
Location map

Operating locations

182 identifiable addresss were found. The main buyer location is Matlock in region East Midlands. From published data, 33% of Derbyshire County Council's suppliers belong to the same region.

(UK geochart with 10 buyer locations and 172 supplier locations.)

Buyer locations:

  • Matlock - 248
  • Darley Dale - 70
  • Denby - 9
  • Chesterfield - 3
  • Ambergate - 2
  • Nottingham - 1

Suppliers per region:

  • East Midlands - 56
  • Yorkshire and The Humber - 26
  • West Midlands - 21
  • North West - 18
  • South East - 12
  • London - 11
  • North East - 8
  • East of England - 7
  • South West - 6
  • Scotland - 2
  • Wales - 2
  • England - 2
  • Munster - 1
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Pin notices

6 published pin notices. (8 including duplicates.)

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Tender notices

154 published tender notices. (186 including duplicates.)

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Award notices

117 published award notices. (136 including duplicates.)

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Update notices

3 published update notices.

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Popular suppliers

Below is a summary of contract awards per supplier. The table is restricted to suppliers who have also served other buyers.

Supplier name Region Unique awards Max. single award
Robertson Construction Group Scotland 1 £19M
Aggregate Industries East Midlands 1 £2M
Aggregate Industries England 1 £2M
Colas South East 1 £1M
Cotswold Roller Hire South West 1 £1M
Messenger Construction West Midlands 1 £700K
Bus Shelters Wales 1 £400K
Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure West Midlands 2 £299K
Concrete Repairs London 1 £180K
Saint Gobain Pam East Midlands 1 £160K
James A Jobling North East 1 £120K
Crown Flooring East Midlands 1 £110K
Designer Contracts East Midlands 1 £110K
Can Geotechnical East Midlands 1 £100K
Coating Services North West 1 £100K
Thomas Bow East Midlands 6 £92K
Xais Asset Management South East 1 £80K
Toppesfield East of England 3 £40K
Tarmac Trading East Midlands 1 £___
Thomas Bow England 1 £___
Specialist Computer Centres North West 1 £3M
Iken Business South West 1 £324K
EE Ltd East of England 1 £240K
Tribal Education South West 1 £174K
Crowd Technologies West Midlands 1 £95K
Hirst Signs East Midlands 1 £50K
HW Martin East Midlands 2 £2M
Amberon South West 1 £2M
A Plant North West 1 £2M
Colas South East 1 £2M
Evolution Traffic Management Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £2M
Go Traffic Management North West 1 £2M
Roadsafe Corporate Group North East 1 £2M
Roadway UK TM Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £2M
Tarmac Trading West Midlands 1 £2M
Traffic Direct Yorkshire and The Humber 1 £2M
Traffic Management Services East Midlands 1 £2M
Euclid South East 1 £600K
Fleet Factors North East 5 £400K
Mallatite East Midlands 1 £300K
Mallatite West Midlands 1 £160K
Fabrikat Nottingham East Midlands 1 £54K
European Asbestos Services South East 1 £2M
Lucion Environmental North East 1 £100K
People Potential Possibilities East Midlands 1 £2M
Alzheimer S Society East Midlands 1 £2M
Staffordshire Housing Association West Midlands 2 £2M
Arch North Staffs West Midlands 1 £1M
Burton Addiction Centre West Midlands 1 £1M
Penderels Trust West Midlands 1 £750K
Leonard Cheshire Disability London 2 £749K
Metropolitan Housing Trust London 2 £484K
Medequip Assistive Technology London 1 £154K
Risk Management Partners London 7 £1M
Maven Public Sector London 3 £1M
Alesco Risk Management Services London 1 £1M
S4W East Midlands 1 £19K
Catering Academy East of England 2 £916K
Candor Services East Midlands 1 £500K
Bates Office Services South East 1 £300K
XMA East Midlands 1 £220K
Keepsafe Security Services East Midlands 1 £270K
Mace West Midlands 1 £215K
Pavement Testing Services North West 2 £170K
Fleet Source East of England 1 £160K
Meteogroup Munster 1 £80K
Fuchs Lubricants West Midlands 1 £140K
WJ Roadmarkings West Midlands 1 £60K

Contract values

Derbyshire County Council provided financial information for 86% of its published procurement notices. The total maximum value excluding duplicates is £1B.

(Histogram showing the prevelance of contracts in each value band.)
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Notice types

The buyer publishes procurement notices in Contracts Finder and OJEU. There is a 22% duplication rate between the two portals. Below are 8 document types.

Short type Full type Total published Past 30 days
award Contract Award Notice 34 2
tender Tender Notice 32 4
pin Prior Information Notice 3 1
update Contract Addendum Notice 3 1
Contracts Finder
tender Tender Notice 154 7
award Contract Award Notice 102 8
pin Pre-Procuement Notice 4 0
pin Pipeline Notice 1 0
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Top keywords

Keywords derive from published CPV codes.

Buyer names

This report covers buyer names that begin: DERBYSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL*.

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Collaborative procurement

The buyer has worked in association with other buyers.

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Further information

The following websites have been found in published notices.