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Over the past year, Currie & Brown has featured in 72 contract award notices. There are 47 unique titles across 15 public sector buyers. Sources are Contracts Finder and OJEU.

Below is a chart of award value against date of publication.

(Scatter chart with 72 data points.)

Recent awards

Below is a sample of all published contract awards.

Shared frameworks
Innovation Chain North Manchester £750M
Merseytravel Consultancy Services Multi Party 2019 Liverpool £250M
Framework for Design Team Consultants (PM/QS/ARCH/STRUCT/M&E) London £88M
London and Quadrant Housing Trust - Consultants 2019 - 2023 London £50M
Professional Services in the Built Environment (Framework) Stoke on Trent £42M
Principal Designer London £40M
Western and Wales Region — Commercial Services Framework London £35M
Estates Design and Consultancy Framework Agreement Leicester £18M
Construction Advisors for Capital Investments London £2M
Professional Services Framework Milton Keynes £2M
Professional Services for Heritage Assets Framework Agreement Swindon £2M
Principal Designer Services Leicester £800K
NU/1467) Claremont Building Design Team and Project Management Team Newcastle upon Tyne £300K
Development Consultancy Framework for Town and Country Housing Group Tunbridge Wells £1
Energy Efficiency Consultancy Services Uxbridge £___
Energy Efficiency (Decarbonisation) Consultancy Services Cardiff £___
LCRCA SIF Strategy Appraiser and Advisor Framework — Liverpool £___
Milton Keynes Council Professional Services Framework Milton Keynes £___
Direct awards
Learning Campus in Neilston: Project Manager With Multi-Disciplinary Design Team Giffnock £2M
Outline Business Case/Programme Management Office Procurement Relating to the Re-Development of Whipps Cross Hospital London £886K
1207 - Project Management, Quantity Surveyor and Clerk of Works Services for the MMIC Redcar £300K
Whipps Cross Hospital Redevelopment - Programme Management Office and SOC Authoring Aldgate £240K
1207 — Project Management, Quantity Surveyor and Clerk of Works Services for MMIC Redcar £232K
Brent Cross Phase 1 London £207K
Project Management Services for the Glebe Farm All-Through School Scheme Milton Keynes £160K
Property Surveying Service Wadebridge £150K
Quantity Surveying Services for the Glebe Farm All-Through School Scheme Milton Keynes £116K
Leisure Centre - Authority Representative Barnstaple £99K
HMP Dartmoor - C Wing Roof & Gable Repairs - BPRN: 525/17/4268 Lot 2 London £74K
1WUY - Service-ESS Consultancy Newcastle upon Tyne £72K
Secure School (Medway STC)-South - Design and Feasibility-BPRN No.1594/17/3757 Lot2 London £71K
HMP Littlehey - Replace MTHW Heating System - BPRN: 542/17/4090 Lot 2 London £68K
HMP Nottingham - PETP Site Reconfiguration Works - BPRN: 581/17/3513 Lot2 London £55K
HMP Preston - PETP Site Reconfiguration Works - BPRN: 587/18/3831 Lot 2 Stages 2 - 7… London £55K
Various (HMPPS) - Options Appraisal (Open Places) - BPRN: 783/18/3728 Lot 2 London £51K
QS Services - Finsbury Circus London £49K
HMP Leyhill - Recess Refurbishment - BPRN: 565/16/2164 Lot 2 London £42K
HMP Wandsworth - Shower Refurbishment - BPRN: 608/17/4038 Lot2 London £41K
HMP Grendon - General Alarm - BPRN: 545/17/4061 Lot2 London £40K
Project Management, Quantity Surveyor, Clerk of Works Services for the MMIC Redcar £36K
Quantity Surveyor Administration Services - HVLV Project at Science Museum London £29K
Poynton Leisure Centre Expansion - Lot 3 QS Crewe £28K
CFPR E3 Expansion Bristol £27K
HMP Usk - Refurbishment of Historic Handrails and Landings - BPRN: 605/18/3801 Lot2 London £27K
Hornchurch-Pioneer House-Probation Estates Delivery Phase-BPRN No.1313/15/3392 - Lot 2 Stage 4-7 London £23K
HMP Lewes Plenum Towers and Roof Repairs BPRN 564/14/2915 Lot 2 London £21K
Quantity Surveying Service Edinburgh £___

71% of awards have published value. The median published value is £240K.

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