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Supplier summary

Over the past year, Mace has featured in 43 contract award notices. There are 40 unique titles across 18 public sector buyers. Sources are Contracts Finder and OJEU.

Below is a chart of award value against date of publication.

(Scatter chart with 43 data points.)

Recent awards

Below is a sample of all published contract awards.

Shared frameworks
Integrated Services Consultancy Hampshire £688M
Merseytravel Consultancy Services Multi Party 2019 Liverpool £250M
200000000.00 Birmingham £200M
Professional Services in the Built Environment (Framework) Stoke on Trent £42M
Consultancy and Advisory Services Birmingham £30M
Estates Design and Consultancy Framework Agreement Leicester £18M
373 - ECD Consultants Framework Birmingham £6M
373 — ECD Consultants Framework Birmingham £6M
Professional and Technical Services Hatfield £___
Engineering Project Management and Design Services (EPMDS) Manchester £___
AMP7 Delivery Partner — Programme Management Office (PMO) Reading £___
Direct awards
Kingsbrook Secondary School - 6FE - 10FE Expansion - Commercial Team - NHS Construction Consultancy Services… Aylesbury £25M
Building Contractor — County Hall Refurbishment Phase 2 Norwich £14M
Infrastructure Project Quantity Surveyor London £2M
Watford Colosseum Multi-Disciplinary Consultancy Watford £665K
HMPPS Wellingborough-New Prison-BPRN No.609/17/3514. Lot 1 London £521K
Consultancy for Modern Freight Handling Facility Liverpool £392K
Nottingham RC PSCA Stage 1 London £369K
HMP Dartmoor - C Wing Roof & Gable Repairs - BPRN: 525/17/4268 Lot 1 London £286K
Technical Lead Role for CPM Team Birmingham £280K
Secure School (Medway STC)-South - Design and Feasibility-BPRN No.1594/17/3757 Lot1 London £264K
RIP East Programme Support Guildford £230K
RP2 Transformation Programme Mobilisation Support Birmingham £200K
RM3741/Lot 1 PMFDTS SLA Study Liverpool £199K
GPA Fit Out Liverpool £189K
HMP Nottingham - PETP Site Reconfiguration Works - BPRN: 581/17/3513 Lot 1 London £134K
HMP Leyhill - Recess Refurbishment - BPRN: 565/16/2164 Lot 1 London £111K
HMPPS Norwich-Site Reconfiguration Works (PETP) Lot1-BPRN No.580/18/ London £99K
HMP Grendon - General Alarm - BPRN: 545/17/4061 Lot1 London £84K
Homes England - CWC Group - Fairham Pastures Manchester £84K
HMP Usk - Refurbishment of Historic Handrails and Landings - BPRN: 605/18/3801 Lot1 London £76K
St Leonards Court - Mace NHS SBS Appointment for EA Services - July Hackney £70K
HMP Lewes Plenum Towers and Roof Repairs BPRN 564/14/2915 Lot 1 London £48K
Eastleigh-East Links-Probation Estates Delivery Phase-Lot1 BPRN No.1036/15/ London £47K
HM Treasury Workplace Design Consultancy Liverpool £28K
Independent Delivery Risk Assessment of the Proposed Sandwell Aquatics Centre London £18K
Albatross & Razorbill-PETP Feasibility Study-BPRN No.4595/18/3848 Lot1 London £10K
Merthyr Tydfil - PETP Feasibility Study - BPRN: 1260/18/3009 Lot 1 Stage 2 London £10K
CPCA - Programme Management Consultants to Deliver the University of Peterborough Huntingdon £___
Project Management & Cost Consultancy Services - Harrison Library Wolverhampton £___

86% of awards have published value. The median published value is £280K.

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