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Found 31 procurement notices over the past 12 months. There are 22 unique titles.

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award notices
Internal and External Audit, Counter Fraud and Financial Assurance Services Salford £100M
Delivery Partners for the Government Internal Audit Agency Liverpool £3M
Statutory External Audit Services London £3M
Independent Business Reviews and Related Diligence Service Liverpool £2M
Covid 19 Financial Analysis and Support for Project [Redacted] Liverpool £950K
Post Event Assurance of Selected Programmes Under the Civil Society Covid 19 Response Fund London £752K
External Audit Prescot £450K
External Audit Wooburn Green £374K
External Audit Services Manchester £300K
Internal Audit Services Walsall £280K
Internal Audit and Counter Fraud Services Bedford £268K
Internal Audit and Counter Fraud Services Cambridge £247K
Tax Advisory Services Leicester £240K
External Audit Services Derby £240K
Covid 19 Vaccinations Programme - Supplier Cost Assurance Leeds £221K
Business Resilience Support Liverpool £160K
Tax Advice and External Audit Services Barnsley £95K
Tax Advisory Services As Above £80K
Debt Advisory Expertise Swindon £75K
Project Magnolia London £74K
Audit Assurance Service Sheffield £73K
Milton Keynes Council - Internal Audit Services Milton Keynes £24K
Financial Analysis for Ofgem's Supplier of Last Resort London £15K
update notices
Restructuring Services for the Department of Education London £9M
Forensic Accounting Services Framework (TEN-15-132) Extension London £1
Consultancy Services (TEN-16-003) Extension London £1

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