Jobs Growth Wales+ Youth Programme Framework Agreement ("JGW+ Programme")

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Framework (Services)
4 year
11 Jan 2021
To 28 Nov 2025 (est.)
01 Mar 2021 14:00




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Welsh Government will shortly be commencing a procurement exercise for the delivery of the Jobs Growth Wales+ Youth Programme Framework Agreement ("JGW+ Programme") to provide support to young people who are not in education, employment or training. Through individualised support the JGW+ Programme will equip young people aged 16 to 18 years with skills, qualifications, work experience and subsidised work to enable them to progress to learning at a higher level, an apprenticeship or into sustained employment at the earliest opportunity. The JGW+ Programme will commence on 1 March 2022 and run for 4 years until March 2026 (with the option of an extension of up to 2 additional years). The JGW+ Programme will be procured under the light touch regime, implemented through regulations 74 - 77 as applied to Schedule 3 services of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (PCR 2015) using a quasi-open procedure. Please be advised that costs are fixed as set out in the Programme Specification, as such, there is no Commercial evaluation element to this tender.

Lot Division

1 North Wales
2 South West and Mid Wales
3 South Central Wales
4 South East Wales

Renewal Options

Option to extend the Agreement by up to an additional 2 (two) years on a 1 (one) year plus 1 (one) year basis if applicable subject to confirmation from the Client of budget availability and service requirements and subject to the successful Bidder meeting the requirements of the JGW+ Programme Specification. Contractors will need to be aware of current and emerging Welsh Government policy and commit to a flexible approach that is capable of responding to changing Ministerial priorities and labour market requirements. From time to time there may be a requirement to deliver new services aimed at supporting young people. Changes to the Programme Specification will be implemented in accordance with paragraphs A27. to A35. of the JGW+ Programme Specification and must be instructed in accordance with the process set out at Schedule 2 of the Framework Agreement. For the absolute avoidance of doubt, no variation or additional work in relation to the JGW+ Programme will amount to a modification of the overall nature of the JGW+ Framework Agreement.

CPV Codes

  • 80300000 - Higher education services
  • 80310000 - Youth education services
  • 80500000 - Training services


  • Bids should cover one or more lots.
  • Bids should cover the whole contract.
  • This is a recurring contract.
  • Options are available.
  • Renewals are available.
  • Performance considerations apply.
  • Professional qualifications are sought.
  • Award on basis of price and quality.

Other Information

The opportunity will be issued under the provisions of the light touch regime, implemented through regulations 74 - 77 as applied to Schedule 3 services of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (PCR 2015) for the procurement of the Jobs Growth Wales+ Youth Programme Framework Agreement ("JGW+ Programme"). E-Tender Information: - The first person from your Organisation to use the Platform will be required to register on behalf of the Organisation. - Registration involves accepting a User Agreement, and providing basic information about your Organisation and about the User performing the Registration. - The User who performs the Registration becomes the Super User for the Organisation. - On registering on the Platform the Super User will select a Username and will receive a password. - The Password will be sent by e-mail to the email address that was specified in the User Details section of the Registration page. - In order to log-in to the Platform please enter your Username and Password. - Note: If you forget your Password then visit the homepage and click “Forgot your password?” - Registration should only be performed once for each Organisation. - If you think that someone in your Organisation may have already registered on this Platform then you must not register again. - Please contact the person who Registered (i.e. the Super User) in order to arrange access to the Platform. - Contact the Helpdesk immediately if you are unable to contact the Super User (for example if they have left your Organisation). - Note: If your Organisation is already registered on the Platform then you must not make any additional registration. Please contact the Helpdesk to gain access to the Platform. - Tenders must be uploaded to the BravoSolution portal by 2pm How To Find The ITT: - Once logged in you must click on ‘ITT’s Open to all Suppliers’ - The e-tender references for this contract are: project_45824, Qualification itt 84443, Lot 1 itt 85339, Lot 2 itt 85361, Lot 3 itt 85362, Lot 4 itt 85362. - Click on the title to access summary details of the contract. If you are still interested in submitting a tender, click the ‘Express an Interest button’. This will move the ITT from the ‘Open to all Suppliers’ area to the ‘My ITT’s’ on the home page. - You will then see the full details of the ITT in the qualification and technical envelopes along with any relevant documents in the ‘Attachments’ area. - Should you have any questions on the ITT, please use the ‘Messages’ area to contact the buyer directly – Please do not contact the named person at the top of this notice. NOTE: The authority is using eTenderwales to carry out this procurement process. To obtain further information record your interest on Sell2Wales at Under the terms of this contract the successful supplier(s) will be required to deliver Community Benefits in support of the authority’s economic and social objectives. Accordingly, contract performance conditions may relate in particular to social and environmental considerations. The Community Benefits included in this contract are: Community benefits will be required and included as non core, further information is included in the procurement documents. (WA Ref:105665) The buyer considers that this contract is suitable for consortia.