Post Office Banking Automation

A Contract Award Notice

Contract (Services)
7 year (est.)
29 Jan 2021
To 22 Jan 2030 (est.)




Geochart for 2 buyers and 1 suppliers

2 buyers

1 supplier


The provision of transaction processing, managed services and hardware for the automation of a proportion of 11 500 Post Office branches made up of five (5) lots: Lot 1: Provision of a highly resilient, compliant and secure platform providing ATM switching to LINK and other Schemes; Lot 2: Provision of multi-vendor software, telecommunications services, hardware installation and maintenance services, monitoring and helpdesk, fraud and security solutions, cash management, balancing and disputes management and other self-service operational services including provision of management information; Lot 3: ATM hardware; Lot 4: A range of self-service hardware including but not limited to deposit and cash recycling equipment; and Lot 5: Teller cash automation supply but is not limited to cash recycling hardware.

Total Quantity or Scope

— A single software platform that is capable of supporting multi-vendor hardware for all POL banking automation and self-service transactions; — a software stack operating system, application software for driving self-service devices, able to present multiple issuer customer screens; — software to enable secure remote downloads and storage of data to meet Scheme regulations e.g. electronic journals; — an asset management database including data to support Scheme compliance reporting; — a monitoring solution to identify faults (multi-vendor capable) and produce actions based on agreed business rules, diagnostics and real time event alerts; — real time, regular and ad-hoc management information on the performance of all services; — solutions to enable on screen advertising; — enabling digital services through advertising i.e QR codes and printed media such as vouchers; — telecommunications — New PSTN lines or takeover of existing; — a suitable telecommunications solution to support the processing of transactions such as an ADSL solution with back up e.g. GRPS and maintenance of all lines and services including router and maintenance. Real time performance reports. Security and Fraud — On-device security and fraud solutions to support multi-vendor banking automation equipment. Including but not limited to: — physical security such as safes, locks, plinths, secure rooms, anchoring solutions, etc.; — anti-skimming protection; — gas attack prevention solution; — note degradation systems such as ink dye and glue; — tracking systems; — smoke solutions; — malware protection such as black box; — encryption solutions e.g. dispenser encryption. Installations, Moves and Changes (IMAC) services and other on-site operational services: — site preparation including relevant permissions; — site surveys, completing preparatory building works; — device staging to enable ‘plug and play’ at customer's site locations; — installation of devices in POL premises either owned directly by POL or by a POL Agent or any other POL nominated location, including any peripheral equipment i.e. security devices and enclosures and any furniture (or modification thereof); — removal of obsolete devices and secure destruction with supporting evidence of any secure parts including but not limited to electronic pin pads (EPP's) and hard discs; — relocation of devices either within the existing premises or to other POL locations. Consumable provision: — on-site training and training materials on maintenance and ATM balancing and any other training deemed relevant by POL to the Postmaster and their nominated staff; — regular cleaning services; — provision and installation and replacement of suitable branding, including but not limited to decals, light boxes fascia's, collars and off device branding; — remote operational support services and device maintenance. A customer helpdesk facility to support Postmasters and other third parties: — a suitable fault management solution; — options for the provision of first line and second line maintenance including service levels for new and legacy equipment — the service must be available nationwide to include NI; — suitable parts for multi-vendor hardware and secure, compliant parts disposal. ATM cash supply and cash management — options for the supply, delivery and optimisation of cash for automated devices. Including but not limited to: — cash forecasting (bulk and device); — CiT services; — PROV-N of data to enable effective management of cash and balancing differences; — alerting of impending and actual cash outages and with trend analysis to enable cash availability; — disputes and balancing. A Scheme compliant disputes/chargebacks resolution service or data to resolve failed customer transactions and partial transactions, MI, LINK scheme membership.

Award Detail

1 Cennox (Camberley)
  • Banking Automation Managed Services
  • Reference: ecaf831 - lot 2
  • Num offers: 2
  • Value: £26,000,000

Award Criteria

Quality (method statements) 45.0
Contractual risk 10.0
PRICE 45.0

CPV Codes

  • 50300000 - Repair, maintenance and associated services related to personal computers, office equipment, telecommunications and audio-visual equipment
  • 32000000 - Radio, television, communication, telecommunication and related equipment
  • 32400000 - Networks
  • 32500000 - Telecommunications equipment and supplies
  • 48100000 - Industry specific software package
  • 48170000 - Compliance software package
  • 30000000 - Office and computing machinery, equipment and supplies except furniture and software packages
  • 48200000 - Networking, Internet and intranet software package
  • 48211000 - Platform interconnectivity software package
  • 48213000 - Operating system enhancement software package
  • 48214000 - Network operating system software package
  • 48219000 - Miscellaneous networking software package
  • 48620000 - Operating systems
  • 48730000 - Security software package
  • 48731000 - File security software package
  • 48732000 - Data security software package
  • 48760000 - Virus protection software package
  • 48761000 - Anti-virus software package
  • 48780000 - System, storage and content management software package
  • 48781000 - System management software package
  • 48782000 - Storage management software package
  • 48783000 - Content management software package
  • 48790000 - Version checker software package
  • 50000000 - Repair and maintenance services
  • 50320000 - Repair and maintenance services of personal computers
  • 50700000 - Repair and maintenance services of building installations
  • 51000000 - Installation services (except software)
  • 51300000 - Installation services of communications equipment
  • 51340000 - Installation services of line telephony equipment
  • 51600000 - Installation services of computers and office equipment
  • 51610000 - Installation services of computers and information-processing equipment
  • 66000000 - Financial and insurance services
  • 66152000 - Financial market regulatory services
  • 66170000 - Financial consultancy, financial transaction processing and clearing-house services
  • 66171000 - Financial consultancy services
  • 66180000 - Foreign exchange services
  • 66600000 - Treasury services
  • 72000000 - IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support
  • 72200000 - Software programming and consultancy services
  • 72500000 - Computer-related services
  • 72600000 - Computer support and consultancy services
  • 72700000 - Computer network services
  • 72800000 - Computer audit and testing services
  • 79990000 - Miscellaneous business-related services


  • Award on basis of price and quality.

Other Information

The contract term will be for an initial period of 60 months with renewal options to extend up to a period of 84 months.