West Midlands Bike Share Scheme

A Contract Award Notice

Contract (Services)
5 year (est.)
02 Feb 2021
To 02 Feb 2026 (est.)



West Midlands, UK

Geochart for 4 buyers and 1 suppliers

4 buyers

1 supplier


WMCA has procured a single supplier to provide a high quality bike share scheme, with docking infrastructure and hybrid solutions, across the urban areas within each of the seven constituent authorities (Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall and Wolverhampton) for an initial term of five years with potential for extension by up to 3 years in three separate 12-month extensions at the authority's discretion (dependent on the supplier's achievement of key milestones).

Total Quantity or Scope

WMCA's vision is to create a safe, affordable and easy to use bike share scheme across the West Midlands and sought a single supplier to provide a high-quality bike share scheme, comprising physical and geo-fenced docking infrastructure, bikes (both mechanical and e-Bikes) and operational services across the urban areas of the seven constituent WMCA authorities. WMCA conducted a competitive dialogue procedure pursuant to Regulation 30 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 to ensure that the best solution was secured with scheme commencement to begin in March 2021 for an initial term of 5 years with potential for the scheme to be extended by up to 3 years in three separate 12-month extensions at the authority's discretion and dependent on the supplier's achievement of key milestones. Key details of the scheme are as follows: 1) the scheme will provide a minimum of 1 500 bikes (mixture of mechanical and e-Bikes with a minimum of 10 % e-Bikes) in the seven constituent authorities (Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall and Wolverhampton) within the first 2 years of the contract term with scope for expansion of this number of bikes and scope of the scheme depending on demand; 2) in addition to the bikes, the supplier will provide infrastructure and also operational services related to the scheme for WMCA; 3) a services agreement between WMCA and its official bike share supplier; 4) WMCA's preference is that the bikes will predominantly be physically ‘docked’, whether through Sheffield stands, traditional physical docking infrastructure or integration with existing street furniture, in certain locations in constituent areas but is also open to options such as geo-fenced docking stations (or similar), subject to the agreement of the local highway authority but WMCA's preference is for physical docking infrastructure due to WMCA's planning and streetscape requirements; and 5) the scheme will integrate with the existing public transport payment system to offer a seamless, high quality transport service for people moving between different modes of public transport in the West Midlands though this integration may be phased or initially alongside other payment methods.

Award Detail

1 Serco (Hampshire)
  • West Midlands Bike Share Scheme
  • Reference: 02153-2019
  • Num offers: 3
  • Value: £12,165,042

Award Criteria

Quality 70.0
Price 30.0

CPV Codes

  • 60000000 - Transport services (excl. Waste transport)
  • 39151100 - Racking
  • 72222300 - Information technology services
  • 34431000 - Non-motorised bicycles


  • Award on basis of price and quality.

Other Information

WMCA procured a supplier through the competitive dialogue process pursuant to Regulation 30 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015. Over the term of the contract, the supplier will engage with new opportunities and innovations in terms of bike share and future mobility. This could include additional bikes and docking infrastructure, and provision/incorporation of other vehicles such as electric scooters or derivatives into the West Midlands Bike Share Scheme. Though originally titled the ‘West Midlands Bike Share Scheme’, the scheme is known as the ‘West Midlands Cycle Hire Scheme’ but other than the change in title, nothing has changed in respect of the content or scope of the procurement. In addition, the value set out for the contract at sections II.1.7) and V.2.4) of this notice relate to the value as at the date of award. However, this is not necessarily the final value of the contract as this will naturally increase in the event that the scheme is extended to include additional bikes, infrastructure, e-Scooters/derivatives and additional services in accordance with the change control request procedure set out in the contract. The estimated contract value specified in the OJEU notice was GBP 20 million and so WMCA reserves the right to increase the contract value in the event the scope of the contract increases throughout its term. WMCA submitted a contract award notice for this procurement, in the form set out in this notice, on 22 December 2020 but was subsequently informed that the notice was not published due to an incorrect reference number included in the notice. Consequently, the notice is being re-published as set out herein