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08 Apr 2021
To 15 Jul 2024 (est.)



United Kingdom:

Geochart for 1 buyers and 8 suppliers


To provide Insurance Services to Fylde Council (excluding brokerage) for three years with the option to extend for an additional two years. Further details are included in the lots section.

Lot Division

1 Property

To provide property insurances for the Council's property portfolio.

2 Combined Liability

To provide Liability insurances to Fylde Council including: Employers Liability Public / Products Liability Officials Indemnity

3 Motor Fleet

To provide motor fleet insurance for property damage to vehicles and liability to third parties.

4 Computer

To provide Computer insurance including: Loss of or damage to Computer and Ancillary Equipment. Cost of reinstating programs or information following loss of or damage to Computer Records or accidental loss distortion or erasure of programs or information. Additional expenditure necessarily and reasonably incurred as a result of an insured loss, accidental failure or fluctuation of the public supply of electricity, accidental failure of telecommunications systems, breakdown or denial of access.

5 Crime

To provide crime insurance cover including: Employee dishonesty Third party computer or Funds Transfer Fraud

6 Engineering Insurance and Inspection

To provide Engineering Insurance and Inspection for plant and play equipment

7 Personal Accident

To provide personal accident insurance cover to Employees and Members

8 Terrorism

To provide insurance to cover the Council's property portfolio against direct physical loss or physical damage by an act or series of acts of terrorism and / or sabotage occurring during the period of the policy.

Award Detail

1 Zurich Municipal (Hampshire)
  • Property Insurance
  • Reference: 007247-2021-1
  • Value: £90,367
2 Protector Insurance (Manchester)
  • Combined Liability Insurance
  • Reference: 007247-2021-2
  • Value: £341,973
3 Zurich Municipal (Hampshire)
  • Motor Fleet Insurance
  • Reference: 007247-2021-3
  • Value: £192,736
4 Zurich Municipal (Hampshire)
  • Computer Insurance
  • Reference: 007247-2021-4
  • Value: £7,305
5 Zurich Municipal (Hampshire)
  • Crime Insurance
  • Reference: 007247-2021-5
  • Value: £9,430
6 Zurich Municipal (Hampshire)
  • Engineering Insurance and Inspection
  • Reference: 007247-2021-6
  • Value: £30,440
7 Zurich Municipal (Hampshire)
  • Personal Accident insurance
  • Reference: 007247-2021-7
  • Value: £3,268
8 Aon Underwriting Managers (London)
  • Terrorism Insurance
  • Reference: 007247-2021-8
  • Value: £13,133

Award Criteria

Quality 60
price 40

CPV Codes

  • 66510000 - Insurance services
  • 66000000 - Financial and insurance services
  • 66514000 - Freight insurance and Insurance services relating to transport

Other Information

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