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24 May 2021
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Animal and Plant Health Agency, Woodham Lane, New Haw, Addlestone, Surrey, KT15 3NB

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The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) wishes to engage Suppliers in a Soft Market Testing (SMT) exercise in anticipation of the procurement of contractors for delivery of works and services under a new Science Engineering Delivery Framework which will support the redevelopment of the Animal Plant and Health Agency facility at Woodham Road Addlestone, known more commonly as APHA Weybridge. The purpose of this SMT exercise is to optimise the procurement process for all parties. Some of the key objectives from DEFRA’s perspective being to: • Assess and understand the structure, capability and capacity of the market, particularly concerning the specialist areas and services; • align the procurement process with the skills, capabilities and capacity so that confidence within the market is maximised; • understand what steps may encourage and increase market appetite; • understand our suppliers’ supply chain requirements and any conflicting demands that may exist in the market; • improve team integration via aligned and clearly understood requirements so that effective collaboration follows; • understand the market’s risk tolerance for the proposed works; • understand the market’s perception of the Client; • assess approaches that may encourage collaboration; e.g. by softening contractual interfaces; • explore and understand the market view of incentivisation and reward for effective collaboration and maximum productivity, and; • provide the market with an opportunity to ask questions and raise queries at an early stage. In summary, it is recognised that the effectiveness of the procurement process will be governed by the appetite of the firms engaging with the procurement process. Understanding the market’s view of the risks, their chances of success and their ability to meet the demands will enable us to optimise the procurement process accordingly.

Lot Division

1 Works in Containment Facilities

This lot covers the full project life cycle including design, build and installation works inside the containment environment. The works will be MEP biased with supporting works such as builders work, air flow analysis and rectification, containment sealability assessment and rectification, provisions of fixtures and fittings etc. as required to support the MEP works. A key component of Lot 1 will be capability to support testing, commissioning and validation of newly installed equipment or functions within a high level (CL3 and CL4 (only used for SAPO4 - no ACDP4)) containment environment, although work may be requested in any form of containment facility.

2 General Accommodation & Infrastructure

This lot covers the full project life cycle including design, build and installation works on the overall site, outside containment or in buildings that don't have containment. The works will be MEP biased with supporting works such as ground works, builders work etc. included to support the MEP works. Additional services such as fabric repairs, redecoration and refurbishment will be included in some projects to deliver support accommodation refurbishment. There may also be a requirement to perform demolitions and building clearances under this lot.

3 Security

This lot covers the full project life cycle for security and CCTV within internal building and laboratory/animal facilities and external areas. Internally the CCTV installations will provide both user protection function (i.e. man down identification) and a facility security function. The external CCTV works will include expanding and extending the existing system to increase and improve coverage. It will be important for the successful bidder to be able to demonstrate experience in integrating different systems/components into a common reporting and management system if the technology is different than currently in operation. The access control works will include the update, reconfiguration and installation/replacement of the existing security network and associated access control devices and systems. This includes door interlocks for security to the containment suites.

4 Liquid Waste Inactivation

This lot covers the full project life cycle for high level containment facility drainage, to include Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) and Vacuum Drainage systems and all associated pipework, components and controls. Work will concentrate on recommissioning, equipment refresh and overall operation of existing services, but may also include design, implementation, commissioning and verification of new units as required. The successful bidders bidding for Lot 5 will be required to demonstrate prior experience of delivering high containment facility drainage systems to include all necessary Hazop and SIL analysis through to validation and verification works. The works required will include SAPO2, SAPO3, SAPO4, ACDP2 ACDP3 environments. The successful bidders will need to demonstrate previous design, installation and commissioning experience, along with project management within a NEC contract environment.

5 Multi-Discipline Design Services

This lot will include the provision of multiple discipline design services for construction projects including a wide range of project types such as high containment, non-containment, refurbishment, new buildings, infrastructure, and associated works. The design disciplines include the following, however specialist design services may be requested in addition to these services: • Design Management; • Health, Safety and Environmental Design Management; • Principal Designer; • Containment / Laboratory Specialist Designer; • Security Designer; • Architecture (including Lead Designer); • Landscape Architecture; • BIM Digital Information Manager; • Building Services Engineer (including MEP); • Structural Engineering; • Civil Engineering; • Sustainability Engineer; • Acoustic Engineering. • Fire Engineering

6 Professional Services

This lot will include the provision of professional services for construction projects including a wide range of project types such as high containment, non-containment, refurbishment, new buildings, infrastructure, and associated works. Service to include: Project Managers Quantity Surveyors Programme Managers Planners

CPV Codes

  • 45000000 - Construction work
  • 45200000 - Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work
  • 71320000 - Engineering design services
  • 71541000 - Construction project management services
  • 45213250 - Construction work for industrial buildings
  • 45214610 - Laboratory building construction work
  • 45451000 - Decoration work
  • 71242000 - Project and design preparation, estimation of costs
  • 35125300 - Security cameras
  • 45222300 - Engineering work for security installations
  • 50610000 - Repair and maintenance services of security equipment
  • 92222000 - Closed circuit television services
  • 44163112 - Drainage system
  • 45232452 - Drainage works
  • 71321000 - Engineering design services for mechanical and electrical installations for buildings
  • 79930000 - Specialty design services
  • 98110000 - Services furnished by business, professional and specialist organisations

Other Information

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