Endoscope and Instrument Cleaning and Decontamination

A Prior Information Notice

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Contract (Goods)
4 year
28 May 2021
To 07 May 2025 (est.)



United Kingdom:

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The purpose of this notice is to draw attention to a Procurement that NHS Supply Chain intends to commence during the subsequent 12 months for the Supply of Endoscope and Instrument cleaning, decontamination, sterilisation products and equipment, primarily consumables but also some small capital items used as part of the decontamination process. Products include; Endoscope Washer Disinfector Chemistries, Disinfectants & Detergents, Bedside Kits, Probe & Instrument Wipes, Storage & Transportation Systems and Endoscope consumables such as Storage Bags & Liners and Valve Baskets.

Total Quantity or Scope

Additional information: NHS Supply Chain is currently considering the use of lots for this procurement As evidence of compliance to the specification, applicants may be required to submit products for verification for each tendered product Please note, product testing may be used at any point during the tender process and throughout the life of the framework agreement.

CPV Codes

  • 24000000 - Chemical products
  • 14400000 - Salt and pure sodium chloride
  • 18930000 - Sacks and bags
  • 24323220 - Peracetic acid
  • 24455000 - Disinfectants
  • 24951100 - Lubricants
  • 30192320 - Printer ribbons
  • 33100000 - Medical equipments
  • 33140000 - Medical consumables
  • 33141118 - Wipes
  • 33141620 - Medical kits
  • 33168000 - Endoscopy, endosurgery devices
  • 33190000 - Miscellaneous medical devices and products
  • 33191000 - Sterilisation, disinfection and hygiene devices
  • 33192300 - Medical furniture except beds and tables
  • 33952000 - Antiputrefaction masks
  • 38911000 - Manual swab test kits
  • 38912000 - Automated swab test kits
  • 39150000 - Miscellaneous furniture and equipment
  • 39330000 - Disinfection equipment
  • 39360000 - Sealing equipment
  • 39831200 - Detergents
  • 42924720 - Decontamination equipment
  • 42968000 - Dispensers


  • Renewals are available.

Other Information

** PREVIEW NOTICE, please check Find a Tender for full details. ** The purpose of this notice is to draw attention to a procurement that NHS Supply Chain intends to commence during the subsequent 12 months. The invitation to tender will be the subject of a separate notice and it is that notice to which potential suppliers will need to respond at the appropriate time. NHS Supply Chain intends to enter into arrangements under which it will be entitled to purchase supplies and/or services which it will make available for purchase by 1) any NHS Trust; 2) any other NHS entity; 3) any government department, agency or other statutory body and/or 4) any private sector entity active in the UK healthcare sector. Only NHS Supply Chain can order under the Contract. As part of its pre-tender strategy, NHS Supply Chain would also like to engage with suppliers of these products via a Request for Information (RFI). If you would like to complete the request for information (RFI) document in respect of the products which are the subject of this procurement, then please follow the below instructions. Follow the link to the eProcurement Portal: https://nhssupplychain.app.jaggaer.com/ Please select the ‘SQs Open To All Suppliers’ link and select Hand Hygiene and Associated Products and Services Select Express interest Select the ‘My Responses’ tab and please complete and attach the RFI within Section 1.1.2 Select ‘Submit Response’