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14 Jun 2021
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Telford and Wrekin: Defence Fulfilment Centre, Telford

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LSL is considering a potential requirement for the provision of a range of Operational Ration Packs (ORP). The ORP is for consumption by the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD). The ration range currently includes, but is not limited to, a 24-hour Individual General Purpose (GP) ration (including Cultural & Ethnic (C&E), Enhanced and Cold Climate (CC) variants), Single Meal Ration (SMR), 10-Man Group Feeding and Emergency Survival Rations (ESR). The contract period is expected to be for an initial 5 years with the potential of an option period of a further 2 years.

Total Quantity or Scope

The main ORP is the 24-hour GP ration, which currently consists of retort pouches, powdered drinks, sweets, chocolate bars, fruit/cereal bars, nuts, chewing gum, teabags, coffee sachets, whitener sachets, sugar sachets, water sterilisation tablets, wet wipes, a pack of tissues, windproof/waterproof matches, and a combined spoon/fork (spork). The 24-hour C&E rations are a variant of the 24-hour GP ration and include Vegetarian, Sikh/Hindu, Halal and Kosher rations. The 24-hour CC (dehydrated) ration is a variant of the 24-hour GP ration but the main meal and dessert pouches are all freeze dried. The 24-hour Enhanced and 8-hour SMR rations are also a variant of the 24-hour GP ration and additionally include a Flameless Ration Heater. The 10-man group feeding ration prepared by a chef currently includes more commercially available components such as freeze dried and tinned meats, tinned desserts, tinned fruit and vegetables, large pasta and rice packs, biscuits, fruit/cereal bars, powdered drinks, teabags, powdered milk, sauce sachets, flour, bicarbonate of soda, dried yeast, cooking oil, salt and pepper, sugar, garlic powder, dried onions, dried herbs, tin opener and refuse sacks. The ESRs currently include components such as drinking water pouches, flavoured sweets, sugar sachets, beef stock drink, coffee sachets, water purification tablets, salt sachets and high calorific energy bars. All 24-hour, SMR and 10-man rations must have a minimum remaining product shelf life of 24 months from the date of delivery into the Defence Fulfilment Centre (DFC). The ESRs must have a minimum remaining product shelf life of 48 months from the date of delivery into the DFC. All 24-hour and SMR rations are currently packed in recyclable inner polythene bags and supplied in a corrugated outer fibreboard carton. The 10-man ration is currently packed in corrugated fibreboard inner cartons within an outer corrugated fibreboard carton. All rations must meet specified component requirements and complete ration pack calorific and nutritional values and shall be compliant with food safety, legality and quality in accordance with UK or equivalent legislation. The supplier and/or packing facility must operate and manage a documented Quality/Food Safety Management System, 3rd party accredited to a recognised Global Food Safety Initiative Scheme, ISO or equivalent. LSL is currently formulating the requirement and its procurement strategy and is considering an integrated ration solution. Under this solution the supplier holds responsibility for assembling together the relevant components of the ORP to meet the specified requirements and to deliver complete rations. LSL wishes to stimulate interest, information and views across the market for the fulfilment of this requirement via this Prior Information Notice (PIN). Expressions of Interest are invited from suppliers who have an interest in component sourcing, assembling and delivering any of these complete ration packs as a complete, integrated solution. To submit your expression of interest, please contact: leidos-lsl-defence-food@teamleidos.mod.uk. When expressing your interest could you please forward to us any relevant publications covering your current capability in regards to the supply of complete, integrated ration packs. LSL intends to contact suppliers who express an interest, in order to obtain supplier and market information and to help better formulate the requirement and procurement strategy. While this PIN presents the requirement as a single lot, LSL reserves the right to issue any subsequent tender(s) with a number of separate lots dependent on the results of the market engagement. Please note all information provided to organizations or individuals that respond to this notice should be treated as confidential and not shared further without express written permission from LSL. Additional information: This PIN is not a means to submit a formal expression of interest in respect of any potential tender. Any resultant requirement will be subject to the UK Public Procurement Regulations and respective advertising action

CPV Codes

  • 15897000 - Canned goods and field rations
  • 15000000 - Food, beverages, tobacco and related products
  • 15800000 - Miscellaneous food products
  • 15881000 - Homogenised food preparations
  • 15890000 - Miscellaneous food products and dried goods
  • 15894000 - Processed food products
  • 15897100 - Field rations
  • 39222100 - Disposable catering supplies

Other Information

** PREVIEW NOTICE, please check Find a Tender for full details. ** Leidos Supply Limited (LSL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Leidos Europe Limited, is undertaking this procurement as a body governed by public law and as subcontractor to Leidos Europe Limited to meet a requirement of the UK Ministry of Defence pursuant to the Logistics Commodities and Services Transformation Delivery Partner Contract LCST/0001 dated 16/04/2015 between Leidos Europe Limited and MOD