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16 Jun 2021
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This Prior Information Notice is not a call for competition nor a part of a formal procurement process. The main aim of this Prior Information Notice is to raise market awareness of a future requirement and to invite interested suppliers to register their interest in participating in the Market Sounding Questionnaire (MSQ) as well as attending a potential Bidder Event which will take place in September. This Prior Information Notice is being issued by Transport for London (TfL).

Total Quantity or Scope

The new Transport for London (TfL) Contact Centre Outsourcing Framework will provide route to market to re-tender outsourced contracts in a timely manner to suppliers who can provide the service at the required quality and competitive cost. Note there will be no minimum volumes guarantees in the call off contracts. The intention is for work to be allocated into separate batches (lots ) and shared across a number of third party suppliers. Information about the lots will be given at a later stage of the procurement process. These outsourced contracts will successfully provide customer service to circa 3 million customers per year over three main channels which are: contact handling (defined as an interaction between a customer and a contact centre) by answering phone enquiries, written customer correspondence and the fulfilment requests such as posting Oyster cards. Contracted services cover but are not limited to well established Oyster card enquiries, the increasing use of Contactless Payment Card on the TfL network as well as Santander Cycle Hires.

CPV Codes

  • 79000000 - Business services: law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security
  • 30000000 - Office and computing machinery, equipment and supplies except furniture and software packages

Other Information

** PREVIEW NOTICE, please check Find a Tender for full details. ** Please note: Potential bidders will not be prejudiced by any response or failure to respond to this notice. Potential bidders must also note that a response to this notice does not guarantee an invitation to participate in this or any future procurement. At this stage there is no guarantee that this Prior Information Notice will lead to subsequent procurement activities for this requirement. Any procurement will be carried out strictly in accordance with the Public Contracts Regulation 2015 (or any superseding regulation). Any procurement will be carried out electronically using the TfL e-Tendering portal. TfL is planning to publish a Market Sounding Questionnaire (MSQ) at the beginning of August 2021. TfL will manage this process in an open and transparent manner to maximise the possible benefits. Participation or non-participation in this MSQ will not preclude companies or disadvantage/advantage any company’s ability to participate in any future procurement activity. Direct or indirect canvassing of any GLA or TfL employee or agent by any company concerning this requirement, or any attempt to procure information from any TfL Employee or agent concerning this Prior Information Notice outside of the formal process described in this document may result in the disqualification of the company from consideration of any future procurement activity. No information contained in this document or in any communication made between TfL and any company in connection with this shall be relied upon as constituting a contract, agreement or representation that any contract shall be offered in accordance with this Prior Information Notice. Should a procurement exercise follow this Prior Information Notice an OJEU Contract Notice will be issued using the TfL e-Tendering portal, ProContract from Proactis. The e-Tendering portal can be accessed via the following link: The estimated value of a four-year contract is 60 000 000 GBP however it is in no way binding. If you are interested in attending the Bidder Event event please send a message to the Project Team via the ProContract portal as soon as possible providing the name(s) and job title(s) of up to a maxim of two (2) people to attend on behalf of your organisation. Please note that places might be limited, alternatively the event might be held on line. If you experience any problems registering on or using the TfL ProContract portal, please contact the ProContract Help desk directly, as soon as possible, by email to: Please note that II.1.1 Title may be revised in future notices whilst the requirement.