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4 year
22 Jul 2021
30 Sep 2021 to 01 Oct 2025
30 Jul 2021 14:00



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The Framework Agreement covers the provision and ability to provide a full range of Barrister Services and associated services. • Provision of a written opinion • Advice • Conference with client • Attending advocates' meetings • Advocacy at hearings (Case Management, Issue Resolution, Final, Fact Finding, Emergency Protection Order, Direction, Adoption) • Appeals • Attend Court (Magistrates, Crown, Family, County, High Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court, European Court of Human Rights) • Provide robust representation • Ensure all parties are kept informed of all negotiations • Seek realistic timescales for the filing and service of evidence • Contact the Instructing Solicitor should an issue arise at Court which requires further instructions from an individual not present at Court • Judicial reviews • Adhere to all data protection and GDPR regulations in relation to material provided. • Drafting documentation to include: • Case management Orders • Interim and Final threshold • Schedule of Findings • Witness templates • Provision of attendance note to the Instructing Officer within 24/48 hours following Court hearing Indicative Barrister Services requirements include, but are not limited to the following categories or service provided: Child Protection: Adult Services Community Care International Services Finance Services Procurement and Contract Services Civil Litigation any other related services

CPV Codes

  • 79000000 - Business services: law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security


  • Contract is suitable for SMEs.
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To gain access and complete the necessary documents please follow the instruction below Following the link ; or Visit - Select - Opportunities Select Organisation - Commercial Services Select the opportunity appropriate to you from the list provided Express interest - you may need to register first Once successful expression is completed you can access and complete the requirements in two ways 1 - when you register you will receive a successful registration email, this also contains an link taking you direct to the opportunity 2 - when you log in to proactis go to my activities, select commercial services and you will be presented with the opportunity. Following the instruction from herein Participating Authorities that have already expressed interest in accessing the Framework Agreement from the outset are: Invicta Law Other public bodies will have access to this Framework Agreement but may only do so with the agreement of the Contracting Authority. Those organisations who may wish to access this Framework Agreement will be members, Affiliates and associates of the CBC Group, local government authorities, the police service, the fire service, the NHS and NHS trusts, housing associations, third sector organisations, academic centres (including Academies), free schools, publicly funded organisations and publicly owned private companies, operating within the geographic boundaries of the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Northern Ireland and Isle of Man (each a Participating Authority and collectively Participating Authorities) Full details of bodies that may utilise this agreement are advised within the Invitation to Tender Document, avaiable via the Kent Business Portal Chambers' are advised that the Contracting Authority, its Affiliates and/or Participating Authorities, reserve the right to supply the tendered products, services, and commodities to companies that have a majority public sector ownership by any of the public sector bodies referred to above during the Framework Agreement period as stated in this document, for the purpose of selling to other public, private and third sector organisations.