Heating and Hot Water Systems Framework

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4 year
16 Aug 2021
16 Aug 2021 to 15 Aug 2025
17 May 2021 14:00



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Efficiency East Midlands Ltd (EEM) is a not for profit consortium which establishes and manages a range of framework and DPS agreements. Our membership has now grown to 222 public sector organisations including housing associations and ALMO's, Local Authorities, NHS trusts, Education Providers, Blue Light Services, Government Agencies and Charities. EEM have also established a formal collaboration with 3 like-minded procurement consortia - Westworks, South East Consortium and Advantage South West. The membership list for these three consortia may be obtained from the following website addresses: www.westworks.org.uk www.southeastconsortium.org.uk www.advantagesouthwest.co.uk EEM wishes to procure and enter into framework agreements with multiple Contractors for the provision of heating and hot water systems servicing, maintenance, repairs and Installations. A range of fuel types will be covered by the framework including but not limited to; gas, solid fuel, oil and renewable heating systems. The framework will be tendered and awarded based on the following lots: • Lot 1 - Domestic Heating Servicing, Maintenance, Repairs and Installations • Lot 2 - Commercial Heating Systems - Servicing, Maintenance, Repairs and Installation • Lot 3 - Renewable Heating Systems Servicing, Maintenance, Repairs and Installations • Lot 4 - Heating System Auditing and Consultancy Services Each of the above lots have been split into geographical sublots: Sublot 1 - Midlands Sublot 2 - National Coverage Contractors MUST be able to provide services in at least three of the sub regions (Counties) listed within the tender documents for Sublot 1 Midlands and at least Six of the sub regions (Counties) listed for Sublot 2 National Coverage. The final number of Contractors appointed on to each lot and sublot of the Framework will depend on the outcome of the tender evaluation and organisations meeting minimum score requirements for the quality element of the evaluation. Contracting Authorities who require a single contractor to manage the servicing and/or installation programmes across their domestic, commercial and or renewable heating system stock can compliantly procure a single contractor via EEM0026. Contracting Authorities can use either a Direct Selection or Mini Competition to appoint a contractor and only the Contractors who sit across all the relevant work stream lots and geographical sublots the Contracting Authority is looking to use can participate in the selection process.

Award Detail

1 Dodd Group Midlands (Telford)
  • Value: £500,000,000
2 Aaron Services (Basildon)
  • Value: £500,000,000
3 Liberty Group Investments (Knowsley Industrial Estate)
  • Value: £500,000,000
4 UK Gas Services (Groby)
  • Value: £500,000,000
5 J Tomlinson (Nottingham)
  • Value: £500,000,000
6 Phoenix Gas Services (Stoke on Trent)
  • Value: £500,000,000
7 Matthews & Tannert (Kirkby in Ashfield)
  • Value: £500,000,000
8 T & S Heating (Nottingham)
  • Value: £500,000,000
9 Sure Maintenance (Basildon)
  • Value: £500,000,000
10 Low Carbon Exchange (Weston Super Mare)
  • Value: £500,000,000
11 D & K Heating Services (West Midlands)
  • Value: £500,000,000
12 Broad Oak Properties (Stoke on Trent)
  • Value: £500,000,000
13 Vital Energi Utilities (Blackburn)
  • Value: £500,000,000

CPV Codes

  • 50720000 - Repair and maintenance services of central heating


  • Contract is suitable for SMEs.
  • Contract is suitable for VCOs.

Other Information

Further details and guidance on the lot structure for this framework can be located within Part A of the tender documentation. The tender documents can be accessed by creating an account on the following portal; https://xantive.supplierselect.com and searching EEM0026 Heating and Hot Water Systems Framework The call-off contracts to be awarded pursuant to the framework agreements to be entered at conclusion of the procurement exercise may extend for a duration of up to 5 years beyond expiry of the 4-year framework term. Please note that the total potential framework value stated within this notice is in relation to the full 4-year framework and takes into consideration the lot structure, length of call off contracts and that the EEM membership may grow over the framework lifetime . Where the contract notice states a maximum of suppliers to be appointed to the Framework, this means within each lot. EEM reserves the right to appoint less than the numbers stated. This framework is being procured by Efficiency East Midlands Ltd (EEM) on behalf of their members and the other organisations described below as being authorised users. The following contracting authorities will be entitled to agree and award contracts under this framework agreement as Authorised Users: 1) any Member of EEM which for the avoidance of doubt currently includes 3 partner consortia - Westworks(www.westworks.org.uk), Advantage South West (www.advantagesouthwest.co.uk) and South East Consortium (www.southeastconsortium.org.uk). A full list of current members is available at www.eem.org.uk 2) any future member of EEM or our partner consortia and in all cases being an organisation which has applied to join EEM or our partner consortia in accordance with the applicable constitutional documents; 3) An EEM participant being an organisation which is neither a current or EEM member (as defined at 1 above) nor a future member of EEM (as defined at 2 above) Further details regarding the authorised users of this framework can be found in the ITT documents. To respond to this tender or review the documentation, please: 1) Go to the portal https://xantive.supplierselect.com 2) If you need to register a new account follow the prompts to set up your organisation; 3) When you sign in select 'Public Projects' from the menu (top right). A list of all open tenders will be displayed; 4) Select 'EEM0026 Heating and Hot Water Systems Framework' from the list of projects and then 'Create Opportunity'. That will give you access to the basic information; 5) Click 'Accept Opportunity' to get more detail including all clarification logs. There is no obligation to submit a response; 6) If you do wish to submit a response, do so before the deadline by changing the status to submitted. You will only be allowed to submit if every mandatory question is answered.