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20 Aug 2021
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YPO are looking to establish a Dynamic Purchasing System to provide local authorities and the wider public sector with a route to market for software applications and associated services/products. The DPS will cover the period from the 19 November 2021 to 18 November 2023 with two options to extend for a further 12 months. The total length of the DPS is expected to be 19 November 2021 to 18 November 2025. The reason for this PIN is to engage with suppliers within this market area to ensure the route to market that is put together meets our customers needs and requirements, as well as gain further insight and technical information. YPO reserves the right to not commit to advertising this tender if we do so wish. Any information provided by suppliers prior to any advertising of the tender will not be used to determine the outcome of any processes. Should YPO wish to proceed further a formal procurement process will be followed in accordance with YPO's contract procedure rules and in line with the Public Contract Regulations 2015.

Total Quantity or Scope

It is anticipated that this DPS will be split into 10 categories covering a range of software applications and associated services/products. However, this may be subject to change based on the outcome of the pre-market engagement: The anticipated categories covered by this DPS are:- Category 1: HR & Workforce Category 2: Financial Management Category 3: Environmental, Street & Waste Management Category 4: Place, Planning & Property Category 5: Citizen Services Category 6: Parking and Traffic Management Category 7: Emergency Services Category 8: Community Health and Social Care Category 9: Library Management Category 10: E-Tendering/Procurement & Supplier Relationship Management Portal. Additional information: … If you are interested in this opportunity, please email the named contacts on this form. YPO are purchasing on the behalf of other Contracting Authorities. Please see the below link for details: https://www.ypo.co.uk/about/customers/ojeu-permissible-users.aspx YPO will incorporate a standstill period at the point of notification of the award of contract is provided to all bidders. The standstill period will be for a minimum of 10 calendar days and provides time for unsuccessful tenderers to challenge the award decision before the contract is entered into. The Public Contract Regulations 2015 provide for aggrieved parties who have been harmed or are at risk of harm by a breach of the rules to take action in the High Court (England, Wales and Northern Ireland).

Renewal Options

There is a possibility that this DPS will be subject to renewal after 3.5 years from the commencement date.

CPV Codes

  • 72000000 - IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support


  • Renewals are available.

Other Information

Please note that this notice is to undertake early supplier engagement only, information is being sought without prejudice and without commitment. If you are interested in this opportunity, please email the named contact on this form – joe.holland@ypo.co.uk by 06 September 2021. ** PREVIEW NOTICE, please check Find a Tender for full details. **