Harrow Strategic Development Partnership

A Contract Award Notice

Contract (Services)
25 year (est.)
01 Sep 2021
To 01 Sep 2046 (est.)




Geochart for 2 buyers and 1 suppliers

2 buyers

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Harrow Council (the "Council") has procured a private sector partner as its strategic development partner (the "Partner") to develop multiple core sites in Harrow and the surrounding area in connection with the Council's regeneration programme (the "Project"). The Council has incorporated a separate vehicle (the Harrow Strategic Development Partnership (the "HSDP")) for the Project in the form of a limited liability partnership. The Council and the Partner are both members in the HSDP. The Council will initially contribute three sites to the HSDP, with the potential for future additional sites, and the Partner will provide funding and services. This may include (amongst others) construction services and development management services. The HSDP will develop the core sites and provide construction works to the Council. The HSDP will also provide construction works and services to the Council in relation to Council owned land. The award of this contract is made with reference to the original contract notice 2019/S 120-294236.

Total Quantity or Scope

The Council intends to regenerate certain areas in Harrow in line with its regeneration programme Building a Better Harrow. HSDP shall be responsible for developing three core sites. The Council also requires the option to offer future sites that are currently or may subsequently become owned by the Council to the HSDP for development. In addition, the Council requires the HSDP to provide construction works and services to the Council in relation to Council owned land ("Community Facilities"). The initial Community Facilities shall comprise the Council's Civic Centre (the new Harrow Civic Centre or "HNC"). The HSDP will jointly manage the HSDP and its assets. The HSDP will be tasked with delivering the following key objectives: • to deliver wider regeneration across the Borough via new and improved mixed tenure housing, civic and community facilities, new employment space and the enhanced use of property assets within the Borough; • to accelerate the pace of housing delivery across the portfolio of sites; • to secure wider economic and social benefits for local residents, including skills and training, health improvement and new employment opportunities; • use existing and new property assets to optimise value for the Council; and • to contribute to the delivery of well designed, high quality places that make a difference for communities, businesses, residents and families both now and in the long term. The three core sites the Council intends to contribute to the HSDP for development are: Poets Corner, Peel Road and Phase 1 of Byron Quarter (the "Core Sites"). Bidders should refer to the draft Heads of Terms and Information Memorandum for further information in relation to the Core Sites. It is initially intended that the HSDP will focus on the development of the Core Sites and the delivery of the HNC. As the HNC is a Community Facility, the Council shall retain ownership of the land in relation to the HNC with the HSDP providing construction works and services in relation to its development. The Council envisages its equity contribution to the HSDP will be met through its land (and potentially finance) contributions and that the Partner will contribute funding to the HSDP as its equity contribution. The Council envisages the Partner's equity contribution shall be at least equal to the Council's equity contribution. The Council also anticipates the Partner providing a number of services and expertise to the HSDP including (amongst others) construction and development management services. It is anticipated that the Council and the Partner will enter into a members' agreement relating to the governance and operation of the HSDP for a period of 25 years with an option to extend such agreement in a number of periods up to an overall extension of 10 years. The Council's preferred legal and governance structure for the HSDP is set out in the draft Heads of Terms

Award Detail

1 Wates Construction (Surrey)
  • Num offers: 3
  • Value: £2,500,000,000

Award Criteria

Quality 60.0
Price 40.0
PRICE 40.0

CPV Codes

  • 70000000 - Real estate services


  • Award on basis of price and quality.