Real-time Assessment of Community Transmission (REACT) Participant Communication and Recruitment

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7 month
01 Sep 2021
01 Sep 2021 to 31 Mar 2022
28 Jul 2021 01:00



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The purpose of the contract is to manage and deliver the Participant Recruitment and Engagement element of the REACT- 1 programme. The Services will continue to build a detailed picture through the level of features listed below. (The list is not necessarily exhaustive, the Supplier will include in the detailed picture at no extra cost where reasonable to do so, additional features where it makes sense to do so to add to the overall picture) • infection prevalence • R number • Seroprevalence (regional and national) • Seroprevalence (by population sub-groups and demographics) These features are intended to inform crucial work by SPI-M, JBC, across Government and beyond as necessary. The number of Rounds will be as agreed between the Customer and the Supplier. The commencement of a new Round will be at the absolute discretion of the Customer (through the Customer representative) at which point the duration and scope of the Round will be agreed. The key deliverables required under this Contract are as follows; • data sample is requested from NHSD;

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1 Market & Opinion Research (London)
  • Value: £18,424,740

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  • 73200000 - Research and development consultancy services


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Other Information

• draft, print and post participant invitation letters; • draft, print and post participant invitation letters; • draft and send text message reminders; • maintain participant registration portal; • inform participants of test results; • provide test result data to academic partner on a daily basis whilst study is in the field; • provide test results to PHE via SGSS on a daily basis whilst study is in the field; • design and maintain participant survey; portal for survey and undertake data capture and some analysis for the academic partner; • provide and operate a helpdesk and therefore answer participant enquiries. In order to maintain the linkage between swabs and participants this commission might include a further option to add an additional minor element to the scope for each round. This requirement relates to, test kit barcoding, linkage and dispatch as outlined below; and exercise of this option will be at the total discretion of the Customer through the Customer representative and will be instructed as and when required for each Round: • receiving swab* test kits and individually packing these with the REACT booklet, and REACT ID label which links the participant to their specific kit; • posting kits out to participants as per timelines for each Round; *Each swab must be linked to the correct person so that all participants receive the correct test result back, which is imperative to the study findings being correct. RM135 -REDACTED Ipsos MORI LoA - REACT1 Participant Engagement - Fully signed.pdf