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Team Leidos are proud to be delivering the logistics commodities and services transformation (LCS(T)) Delivery partner contracts (LCS (T)/0001 dated 16.4.2015) on behalf of the UK Ministry of Defence (the 'Prime Contract'). Delivery of other parts of the LCS(T) contract are delivered by Leidos Europe Ltd (LEL) and other partners (together 'Team Leidos'). This requirement is subject to the Public Procurement Regulations and respective advertising action. The General Supplies Team, which forms part of Leidos Supply Ltd is considering the potential requirement for the supply of Locking Devices on behalf of the UK MOD, consisting of 2 Lot(s): Lot 1: - Padlocks & Chains Lot 2: - CPNI Locks The anticipated value for the full 48-month term of the agreement will be circa £5,600,000 (ex VAT) for both Lots. This value is approximate only and based on the most recent historical usage information, with a forecasted level of growth. The volume and values provided are for guidance only and are not a guarantee of business. The Contract will have an initial term of (24) months with an option to extend incrementally for up to a total period of (48) months.

CPV Codes

  • 44521000 - Miscellaneous padlocks and locks
  • 44521200 - Padlocks and chains
  • 44521210 - Padlocks


  • Contract is suitable for SMEs.

Other Information

If this is of further interest, please register on our eProcurement system, Jaggaer: Bidders will be able to register on the system, and once registered they can express their interest and complete their bid on there. Should Bidders have any queries regarding the system, please contact the support team on the front page of the Jaggaer website, where it says 'Need assistance?', for help. Any queries regarding the tender itself, as opposed to the system, should be directed through Jaggaer's messaging centre. In April 2015 the MOD signed a thirteen year contract with Leidos Europe Ltd to provide the procurement and inventory management of commodity items (as well as the storage and distribution services) historically provided in-house by the Logistic Commodities and Services Operating Centre. Leidos, working with the MOD, will transform the way these services are delivered to ensure requirements continue to be met whilst providing best value for money for the department. The organisation delivering these services is known as Team Leidos. Team Leidos would like to make interested suppliers aware that it is inviting tenders for its supply and delivery of Locking Devices. Leidos Supply Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Leidos Europe Ltd, is undertaking this procurement as a subcontractor to Leidos Europe Ltd to meet a requirement of the UK Ministry of Defence pursuant to the logistics commodities and services transformation delivery partner contract (LCS(T)/0001 dated16.4.2015) between Leidos Europe Ltd and the UK Ministry of Defence. Please note all information provided to organisations or individuals that respond to this notice should be treated as Confidential, and not shared further without express written permission from Leidos Supply Ltd.