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29 Oct 2021
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Surface Intelligent Transport System (SITS) is TfL’s response to growing pressures upon the capacity of London’s road network. SITS will reduce delay by providing the capability for TfL to unlock significant additional capacity on the road network and also allow TfL to prioritise people who are walking, cycling and using buses. The SITS programme will achieve these objectives by realising the following benefits: - faster incident detection enabling rapid and efficient response and resolution; - more effective utilisation of road network capacity to improve the efficiency of people movement; - the ability to be modally targeted in TfL’s management of the road network; and - improved road network information provided to the public, policy makers and operators to improve decision making. TfL believe there is a significant opportunity to improve our understanding of network users’ movements in a cost-effective way through new technology, analytics and data. Following proof of concept work, TfL has identified the possibility of utilising devices on the road network to capture flow data of different transport modes. Video Analytics will fill gaps in demand and flow information across all modes to provide classified counts to feed demand models in real time and is one of the data sources as part of the data roadmap project within the programme. The potential contract resulting from this opportunity will seek to extend current coverage to provide continuous 24/7 multi modal demand data across the London road network, by purchasing a solution to collect data at street level for up to 1,300 monitoring locations.

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TfL is seeking information from the potential market of suppliers able to provide a solution or solutions. Interested suppliers will be able to view and respond to a Market Sounding Questionnaire (MSQ). TfL is issuing this PIN to invite responses from the market, with a view to gaining a better understanding of different commercial approaches to contracting for a solution for Video Analytics, as well as assessing the market appetite. This PIN and MSQ form a standalone exercise intended to inform TfL as described above. As such, it does not form part of any procurement process. This MSQ should not be read as committing TfL to carrying out a procurement process. TfL reserves the right but is not obliged to carry out a procurement process in the future. If TfL were to decide to hold a procurement process for the purposes of this or any related opportunity then the market will be informed accordingly, including via a notice on Find a Tender ( For the avoidance of doubt, if TfL carry out a procurement process, any responses to this MSQ will not be considered as part of any pre-qualification or tender stage. Additional information: This MSQ is on the pro-contract portal which can be found a https://procontract.duenorth. com/Opportunities/Index look for transport for London. Your organisation will need to register if your company has not yet done so. It is important that potential suppliers read the instructions carefully on the home page before proceeding with registration. If you require any further assistance please consult the online help, contact the e-tendering help desk, or send a message to TfL via the clarifications area on the e-tendering portal; Once registered, Suppliers will have access to a further information and response document. TfL requests responses to be submitted via the portal by 12:00 noon on 22 November 2021. Further information on TfL may be found at and The information contained in this notice, including the list of CPV codes, is neither exhaustive or binding and may be amended at the time of issue of any further notice or notices or at any other time at the discretion of TfL. Any resulting contracts will be considered contracts made in England according to English Law.

CPV Codes

  • 34970000 - Traffic-monitoring equipment
  • 30210000 - Data-processing machines (hardware)
  • 30236200 - Data-processing equipment
  • 35125100 - Sensors

Other Information

Further information can be found in the Market Sounding Questionnaire (MSQ). See section ii.2.14 for details of how to access the MSQ. ** PREVIEW NOTICE, please check Find a Tender for full details. **