Herne Relief Road (SC21059)

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02 Dec 2021
13 Jun 2022 to 23 Oct 2023
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The aim of the Herne Relief Road is to alleviate existing traffic congestion concerns through the historic village of Herne. The village of Herne is subject to an existing Air Quality Management Area. The scheme aims to provide an alternative route to the existing constrained A291 and therefore reduce congestion and improve journey time reliability through the vicinity of Herne and support the construction of approximately 3,000 homes. The project also addressed the concerns of local residents, in regard to the safety of the current junctions between Bullockstone Road and A291 Canterbury Road and Bullockstone Road and Lower Herne Road. The Relief Road takes the form of a widened Bullockstone Road, currently a minor country lane that connects the village of Greenhill and the old Thanet Way with the A291 Canterbury Road. This includes new roundabout junctions to upgrade the existing priority junction between A291 Canterbury Road and Bullockstone Road and the creation of a new junction between the Strode Farm Development Spine Road and Bullockstone Road. Bullockstone Road is to be widened to a 7m carriageway between these two junctions. The works also include the provision of a new pedestrian/cycling facility along the full extent of Bullockstone Road. The Relief Road, in combination with a Spine Road through the Strode Farm Housing development, aims to provide an alternative route for strategic traffic between A299 and Canterbury, avoiding historic Herne village. The project is funded by developer contributions from three nearby housing developments (Strode Farm, Lower Herne Golf Club and Hillborough). Kent County Council have also secured £2.1m from the Growing Places Fund to help forward fund the scheme. The extent of the works included within the scope of this contract extend from the junction between the A291 Canterbury Road and Bullockstone Road to the junction between Lower Herne Road and Bullockstone Road. The work extent includes the construction of two highway drainage attenuation ponds, one to the north of Lower Herne Road and one to the west of Bullockstone Road, to the south of Hares Wood. The carriageway widening will impact Bullockstone Hill Wood, which borders the road to the east at the northern extent of the works. Bullockstone Hill Wood has designated Ancient Woodland status. KCC are supporting Canterbury City Council and are responsible for the design and delivery of the project. The scheme is split into two phases and thus the anticipated construction period will be circa 54 weeks and the anticipated construction costs are circa £5m.

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  • 45000000 - Construction work


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Further information about the scheme can be found at the following link on the Kent County Council Website: https://www.kent.gov.uk/roads-and-travel/road-projects/planned-road-projects/bul... ** PREVIEW NOTICE, please check Find a Tender for full details. **